12 High Quality Stocks That Are Near 52-week Lows, Should You Buy?

52-week Lows

Over the previous week, markets have recovered a little, but they are still well below 52-week highs. Several stocks are trading near 52-week lows as a result of the procedure. Take a look at a few examples of such stocks.

List of companies trading near 52-week lows

12 High Quality Stocks That Are Near 52-week Lows, Should You Buy?
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Should you buy these firms’ stock if they’re trading around 52-week lows? We have no reservations in recommending that some of the stocks listed above be purchased. While all of these firms have a strong track record of paying out dividends, some are more appealing because of their prices, while others are more appealing because of their fundamentals. [ 52-week Lows ]

Take, for example, LIC. The stock was initially issued at a price of Rs 949 and is now trading at Rs 811. The company’s valuations on numerous indicators are significantly higher than those of private sector peers. Tata Communications is another wonderful stock to buy. Around 30% of the world’s internet routes are carried by the corporation, which also connects businesses to 60% of the world’s cloud giants and 4 out of 5 mobile customers.

The company’s capabilities are backed up by its worldwide network, which includes the world’s largest wholly owned subsea fibre backbone and a Tier-1 IP network that connects more than 200 nations and territories. The stock, which had touched a 52-week high of Rs 1590 on the BSE, is now better priced at Rs 985, resulting in a p/e of 24 times, which is affordable. [ 52-week Lows ]

Stocks to Invest for Future
Stocks to Invest for Future

For their dividend yields, HPCL, NMDC, and REC are equities to consider. If you’re seeking for a stock with a high dividend yield, HPCL, REC, and NMDC are the best options. Based on last year’s dividends, the dividend yields on the three equities range from roughly 7% to over 12%. Some of these stocks have incredibly low discounts.

Is it worthwhile to invest in the other stocks in the table above? We dislike Divis Labs because we believe its prices are unattractive. Furthermore, pharma stocks rely on exports from the United States, and we have no idea when the US Food and Drug Administration will issue a warning. Despite the drop, the stocks of Fortis Healthcare and ICICI Lombard are still overpriced and should be avoided. [52-week Lows ]


The markets have become extremely volatile, therefore investors should exercise caution. Neither TeknikalRaman.com nor the author are liable for any losses incurred as a result of a decision made after reading the aforementioned material. Every effort has been taken to offer factual information, and before investing in the markets, readers should be aware of the associated risks. The author and his family do not own stock in any of the firms mentioned.


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