9 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever


Dividend stocks: In 2022, it will be easy to get caught up in all the frenzy headlines about the stock market.

However, the mountains of investment research, the best way to make a profit on Wall Street, involves taking a long-term approach, buying and holding – without changing your positions, giving you heartburn in the process.

In the very long run, stocks are all guaranteed to go up; Research shows that if you pick any day from the Great Recession and add 20 years, the market will always be higher.

For investors who have nowhere near retirement, consider these solid stocks that are worth buying and holding forever.

9 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever

9 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever

9 Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever

Dividend stocks: These are the 9 dividend stocks to buy and hold forever:

AbbVie Inc. (ticker: ABBV)

Dividend stocks: Despite a tough year on Wall Street, the drug stock is one of the most profitable companies until 2022.

But on top of that, it offers reliable and generous dividends. In fact, as part of Abbott Laboratories (ABT), which traces its roots beyond AbbVie’s 2013 spinoffs, it has had a steady increase in dividends for at least 25 years.

Health care is an incredibly reliable business because people will continue to pay attention to it regardless of the vast economic environment.

With the blockbuster anti-inflammatory drug Humira and a strong research pipeline, ABBV has a lot to offer investors in the long run.

Altria Group Inc. (MO)

Dividend stocks: Considering the risks of smoking, you might think that one of the biggest tobacco activities in the world is not a particularly smart long-term bet.

But MO has been manufacturing Marlboro cigarettes, Black & Mild tube and cigar products and brands such as Copenhagen and Schole for decades, and has made a lot of money for its investors despite the well-known health risks.

Tracing its roots almost 200 years ago, this Virginia company has been operating incredibly well and has a jealous history of over 50 dividend increases over the past 50 years, demonstrating its commitment to shareholders and its long-term return potential.

In anticipation, the company will continue to invest in legal marijuana operations and joule vaping products beyond tobacco to ensure continued success in the years to come

AT&T Inc. (T)

Dividend stocks: Telecommunications icon AT&T, Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. Due to the recent spin-off of (WBD), the parent company has reduced both the market value of AT&T with its dividend payout.

Some investors were confused or put off by the news, but in the long run this is an indication that the company is focused on doing better: data connection, media and not content.

With a new quarterly dividend of about 28 cents per share, this is an annual yield of more than four times that of the regular S&P 500 component. With such payments and a solid domestic telecommunications network, AT&T will have all the vast trenches around it but those dividends will roll for many years to come.

Cardinal Health Inc. (CAH)

Dividend stocks: Cardinal is an integrated healthcare company that is not your regular mega cap insurance or pharmaceuticals player. Instead, CAH offers products and services for facilities including nursing homes, medical offices and operating theaters.

This includes the supply of laboratory products, safety equipment, packs and other necessities that do not have massive edges, but are certainly in massive demand. The result was a steady stream of revenue that paid 35 consecutive dividends to this $ 15 billion healthcare player.

With deep ties to healthcare facilities and a business model that does not interfere with next-generation therapies or technology, CAH has always been a worthwhile stock to buy and hold.

Dominion Energy Inc. (D)

Dividend stocks: Dominion is currently one of the largest utility stocks in the world, with a market capitalization of over $ 69 billion. The company produces and distributes energy to approximately 7 million customers across Virginia and North Carolina.

Like most utility stocks, it is incredibly stable to legalized monopolies in many areas of service. However, the Dominion is also growing, with a 14% revenue expansion planned for this fiscal year and $ 37 billion in capital spending over the next five years, ensuring it moves to sustainable sources such as solar and wind.

With a good dividend and an incredibly stable business model, this is a dividend stock that should depend on for a long time.

Kraft Haynes Co. (KHC)

Dividend stocks: A few years ago, Kraft Haynes died quickly following an accounting scandal involving a large number of mega-connections. But now that the dust has subsided, management should focus on funds such as repaying their debt and rebuilding Wall Street’s trust, and buy this consumer brand company.

With grocery-aisle key features such as Heinz ketchup and Kraft macaroni and cheese, the company has a loyal following among shoppers and sells a wide range of quality consumer staples across its brand portfolio regardless of cost trends.

Including dividends, the packaged foods company has grown by more than 7% until May 27, 2022, which is a testament to its stability during difficult times and makes it a powerful stockholder in long-term portfolios.

Morgan Stanley (MS)

Dividend stocks: Morgan Stanley is in the sweet spot of the financial sector, offering yields of more than 3%, but also a large amount that is unmatched by major companies or regional banks. MS is one of the best asset managers in the world with a market value of $ 150 billion, with forecasts of $ 10 trillion in total assets under management in the future.

The bank, which is nearly 100 years old, has led to all sorts of political and economic crises and certainly deserves to be considered a long-term holder in the financial sector.

Oneok Inc. (OKE)

Dividend stocks: It is difficult to have much confidence in energy stocks amid the long-term challenges of climate change and the short-term fluctuations we see in commodity prices. But Oneok firmly believes in one thing you can find in this field, because it is a play on the “midstream” part of the energy business.

This category covers transportation and storage and is not exposed to the risks of commodity price fluctuations. Oneok helps move natural gas around the United States and charges for that service, then sends a portion of that money to shareholders.

Income investors will find comfort in this stable model, which supports strong cash flow for the next year or the next decade, regardless of oil prices.

Vornado Realty Trust (VNO)

Dividend stocks: While not as well known as some of the other stocks on this list, Office Real Estate Operator Vornado is worth a look because every element of every long-term portfolio must have diversification and revenue potential.

VNO properties have accumulated in major metropolitan markets across the country, including major properties in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

Vornado is a leading company when it comes to sustainable building design, with leadership in over 23 million square feet of energy and environmental design, or LEED, certified buildings.

The epidemic caused some workplace disruptions and spurred growth in the course of working from home, with VNO’s attractive locations and excellent-in-class properties reducing the risk of disruption more than other players in the coming years.



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