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There is no Bollywood genre that Akshay Kumar hasn’t worked in; he has been in comedies, thrillers, horror films, and even adventure films. Akshay Kumar is perhaps the most adaptable actor in the industry.

All Upcoming Akshay Kumar Movies

The Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, turned 55 in September 2022 yet continues to put in a lot of effort and release back-to-back films, here we have listed 20 Upcoming Akshay Kumar Movies that will be releasing in 2023.

SkyForce – January 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: sky force
sky force

Akshay Kumar Movies: The top emergency combat squad in the skies is called Sky Force. Ace, a talented team member, quits Sky Force for a dull position hauling freight after breaking ranks on a hazardous mission and causing tragedy.

Ace, however, is unable to let go of either his Sky Force buddies or his previous existence. Ace takes action when his coworkers who work with cargo are endangered by his nasty employer. Ace overcomes his anxiety and asks Sky Force to intervene to rescue the day after realising that he can’t fight crime alone.

Selfiee – 24 February 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Selfiee

Akshay Kumar Movies: Kanal, a young man from GV Prakash Kumar’s hamlet who accidentally enrols in a metropolitan engineering college of a lower grade, is the subject of the movie, which chronicles his life.

The student who is a heavy drinker is introduced to the underworld of the college admissions scam when he learns that his father (played by the outstanding Vagai Chandrasekhar) paid a sizeable sum as a “gift” to get him a place.

Soon after that, he chooses the career of a student broker, luring wealthy parents into securing a spot for their kids at medical schools. Kanal and Nazir (DG Gunanithi), a fellow student, quickly become friends and go on to challenge the system with a sense of humour while making quick money and quick problems.

OMG – Oh My God 2 – May 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Oh My God 2
Oh My God 2

Akshay Kumar Movies: An appeal for mandatory sex education in schools is made throughout the movie, which appears to be an exciting courtroom drama.

The last movie, “OMG Oh my god,” starred Paresh Rawal and featured a long appearance by Akshay. This movie is the sequel to that one. Furthermore, Akshay produced it.

The parody received positive reviews and earned well at the box office. A release in May 2023 is what the producers of “OMG 2” are primarily targeting, according to the source, because April is a busy month for releases.

Gorkha – 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Gorkha

Akshay Kumar Movies: Gorkha, Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, was announced on his social media accounts. The movie is based on the life of Indian Army Gorkha Regiment hero Major General Ian Cardozo, who served during World War II.

In the movie, which is being made by Aanand L. Rai and Himanshu Sharma and is being directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, the actor will play the lead character.

Soorarai Pottru Remake – January 26, 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Soorarai Pottru Remake
Soorarai Pottru Remake

Akshay Kumar Movies: The Hindi version of “Soorarai Pottru,” which was based on GR Gopinath’s life story as the founder of Air Deccan, is almost finished.

The Hindi version, which is probably going to be set in North India, will have Akshay Kumar and Radhika in a romantic relationship, and Sudha Kongara Prasad, who directed the Tamil original and is now directing the Bollywood remake, will be directing both.

Jolly LLB 3 – Aug 24, 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Jolly LLB 3
Jolly LLB 3

Akshay Kumar Movies: Since the release of Jolly LLB 2, there have been discussions and fan theories about the potential for Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi to face off in Jolly LLB 3, or Jolly v/s Jolly.

The fan theories have now really come true, whereas they were only hypotheses back in the day. Our sources claim that Arshad Warsi and Akshay Kumar would collaborate on the next Jolly LLB 3 film, which will be directed by Subhash Kapoor. The movie will be made by Star Studios and begin production the following year.

Capsule Gill – 30 November 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: capsule gill
capsule gill

Akshay Kumar Movies: According to a Variety story, Capsule Gill is based on an occurrence that took place in the eastern Indian coalfields of Raniganj in 1989.

Jaswant Singh Gill, a mining engineer, was able to rescue 64 trapped men from a mine. Gill is a character that Akshay Kumar plays in the movie. The photograph was taken in Yorkshire Field during the shoot, which is presently taking place in the UK.

Bade Miyan Chute Miyan 2 – Dec 22, 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Bade Miyan Chute Miyan 2
Bade Miyan Chute Miyan 2

Akshay Kumar Movies: In February, a teaser video was released to promote the movie. The movie’s release date for Christmas 2023 was also disclosed. The film will collide with Dunki, starring Shah Rukh Khan and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, though, when it opens on December 22, 2023.

Veer Daudale Saat

Veer Daudale Saat
Veer Daudale Saat

With Mahesh Manjrekar’s upcoming Vedat Marathe Veer Daudale Saat, Ram Setu actor Akshay Kumar is prepared to astound his fans by making his Marathi debut. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, played by Akshay, will appear in the film. Vaseem Qureshi is in charge of producing Vedat Marathe Veer Daudale Saat.

The film is based on the true narrative of seven brave soldiers who dedicated their lives to making Shivaji Maharaj’s vision of Swarajya a reality and creating one of history’s most illustrious pages.

C Sankaran Biopic – 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: C Sankaran Biopic
C Sankaran Biopic

Akshay Kumar Movies: In order to learn the truth about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Sankaran Nair engaged in an epic judicial struggle with the British Raj, which is chronicled in this movie. Sankaran Nair’s courage inspired the nation’s liberation movement, and it is evidence of the effectiveness of standing up for what is right.

Khel Khel Mein – 2023

Akshay Kumar Movies: Khel Khel Mein
Khel Khel Mein

Akshay Kumar Movies: Akshay will reteam with Taapsee Pannu, who he previously worked with in Naam Shabana (2017) and Mission Mangal (2019), as well as Vaani Kapoor, who he previously shared a screen with in Bell Bottom (2021).

Ammy Virk, a well-known Punjabi actor and musician, will also play a significant part in the movie. The insider adds that although specifics have not yet been finalised, several other actors would be joining the cast.

Kumar’s fans could not have asked for more with Khel Khel Mein, as he would be returning to his comedic origins. We can’t wait for additional information and a first look to be provided shortly about the movie, which is anticipated to begin production next year.

Singham 3 – 31st December 2022

Akshay Kumar Movies: singham 3
singham 3

Akshay Kumar Movies: Finally announcing “Singham 3,” director Rohit Shetty has revealed details about the filming and plot. The busy director announced that “Singham 3” is definitely in the works and that his team is gathering the necessary data.

According to Rohit Shetty, who spoke to Indian Express, this would be a “huge” performance and will begin production in April 2023. Rohit Shetty has recently been working on the “comedy of errors” film “Cirkus,” which stars Ranveer Singh.

The release date of this performance, which stars Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandez as the main women, is set for December 31st, 2022. For his online web series Indian Police Force, the filmmaker has also been filming alongside Sidharth Malhotra.

Ram Setu – 25 October 2022

Akshay Kumar Movies: Ram Setu
Ram Setu

Akshay Kumar Movies: Ram Setu is directed by Abhishek Sharma, but Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, a creative producer and co-writer, lends the film its voice. Dwivedi is one of the creative forces who works in the world of fiction to give legitimacy to the realpolitik of the ruling party and paint the previous governments in a negative light.

An epic poem that is taught in Hindi literary classrooms was rewritten as history by Dwivedi for Samrat Prithviraj.

Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu is one location that pushes the narrative of Ram beyond the theological language and geographical bounds. In this instance, he uses a revered epic poem as a source of historical proof to keep the devoted involved and persuade the sceptics.

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