Andrew Tate: A Misunderstood Protagonist

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Andrew Tate also known as Cobra Tate is a former professional kickboxer and an American-British online personality. He was born on December 14, 1986. After retiring from kickboxing, Tate started selling premium memberships and courses on his website.

He eventually became well-known after switching to influencer marketing. Multiple platforms have banned Tate as a result of his statements on social media because people believed those statements to be misogynistic.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Understanding Andrew Tate

Emory Andrew Tate III is a four-time kickboxing world champion. His father was a chess player, so he initially pursued a career in that game before switching to kickboxing.

He did very well in chess as he used to defeat kids who were bigger than him in age. But after his parents were separated he had to find something else to earn money because playing chess didn’t give a lot of money. So he started kick boxing and he did great in kickboxing as well as he became a four-times kickboxing champion.

  • Till now it is very clear that Andrew Tate was a hard-working and smart kid, as he excelled in everything he did.

Andrew Tate made enough money from kickboxing to buy a sports car and give the impression that he is wealthy, which surely helped him in his business.

After that, he started several businesses to make money and gained a lot of knowledge from them as he observed how the business world operates.

He also launched a website where he used to charge users a premium membership in exchange for access to a database of attractive women, and this was before Onlyfans was a thing.

He was a hard worker and a smart worker from an early age, and he had real world business experience, so his website business started growing quickly because this type of website at the time had very little competition and required fewer initial investments.

Andrew Tate’s consumers were weak and unhappy men who were unsuccessful in their lives in terms of relationships, and his employees were women and he use to teach women (his employees) how to properly talk to men so that his customers can buy the premium membership of his website.

Andrew Tate’s website business became so big that he had 75 good looking women working under him who use to take money from men (customers) and Andrew Tate was paying these girls.

  • Andrew Tate helped 75 girls to make more money in a safer environment in his mid career.

All 75 of the girls were eager to work for him because he provided them with a better platform where they could attract more clients than usual and earn more money as a result of their employment with Andrew Tate.

  • Andrew Tate observed that unsuccessful married men paid women to converse with them and learned how simple it is for women to succeed financially if they truly comprehend how a man thinks.

This was the first time when Andrew Tate started making huge amounts of money and because of his online business, he learned how a women’s brain works (that’s why he was able to manage all 75 women at once).

And he also learned how unsuccessful men are after marriage (they were his customers who made him rich).

After a while, when he had enough money to start his next venture, he sold his website and opened a casino in Romania. Today, he runs a number of businesses around the globe, but his Romanian casinos are where he makes the majority of his revenue.

What Andrew Tate Is Trying To Teach Men

Since Andrew Tate has been around the world and seen how most of the society works, and knows how men are nowadays because of his website business, he thinks the new western society is no place for mentally weak men who are willing to give their attention to free.

And that the entire system in which society works (the matrix) is actively trying to make men weaker so there is no one to compete with the rich people and that’s how the rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer.

He also thinks that men have the power to beat the system and to do so they need to go against it and before fighting against the system we need to understand the matrix.

His most controversial view is that men and women are not equal and the system a.k.a the matrix is giving hopes to everyone that men and women can become equal so that they both start fighting each other that way poor could be divided and be ruled, and western society is a live example of that.

So for men to be happy they need to become successful and he is teaching men how to be successful.

What Andrew Tate Is Trying To Teach Women

As per Andrew Tate, it is very easy for beautiful and attractive women to have a happy and successful life, as per him in a relationship one has to be a leader and other one has to be a follower to be able to have happy relationship.

And a relationship where a man is the leader and women is a follower is a much healthier relationship and has the highest chance of survival in the world, says Andrew.

According to Andrew Tate, leadership, protecting, and providing is a masculine traits, and helping others, taking care of offspring, and following their significant other is a feminine trait.

And today the matrix is forcing men to become feminine as a result women have to become masculine, if women want to have a successful relationship then they need to become feminine again and they should only choose those men who are highly masculine.

Why Andrew Tate’s Thoughts Are Considered Misogynistic

Andrew Tate is a very good marketer, he learned about it through different businesses, whenhe came on social media his aim was to become very popular very soon, so he started talking about controversial topic.

Talking upon controversial topics attracts the attention of young people and that is what Andrew wanted, he made a lot of bold statements which needed a lot of context to understand, and videos on TikTok dose not allow for the context due to its short length.

Secondly to understand what he is saying it is important to not have any biasness towards any community, but this is what matrix does, it creates biasness in people towards different communities.

So because of his bold statements without context (on TikTok) and biases of viewers, his statements appear to be misogynistic.

He is trying to help people escape the matrix, and for that men and women have to come together and that can only happen if men and women will explore their natural traits which are men becoming masculine again and women becoming feminine again.

Andrew Tate: Everything You Want To Know About Him

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