Avatar 2 (2022): CGI technology gone crazy !

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Avatar 2 (2022): Computer-generated imagery (CGI). While Avatar was known for its pioneering visual effects (CGI), Avatar: The Way of Water will prove how far CGI has come since then. There is lots of improvement in the technology in form of CGI and 4D animation.

Avatar 2 (2022)

Avatar 2 (2022)

Avatar: The Way of Water is one of most anticipated films of 2022. The Way of Water will follow Jake Sully and his companion Neytiri as they try to safeguard their new family ( including their 4 children and NAVI tribe) from the Resources Development Administration (RDA), which still wants to dominate the world of Pandora.

The returning ensemble features Stephen Lang as the malevolent Colonel Quaritch and Sigourney Weaver as Grace Augustine, in addition to Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaa.

It has been 11 years since the original Avatar film grabbed the world by storm and established a standard for sci-fi cinema and computer-generated imagery (CGI) in films. Avatar’s concept originated with James Cameron’s treatment for the film in 1994, but Cameron put the project on hold because he decided the technology at the time wouldn’t do the story credit.

Jake and Neytiri daughter
Jake and Neytiri daughter

When Avatar was released in 2009, it not only became the highest-grossing film of all time, but it also won three Academy Awards for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects.

So, how does the first film stack up against Avatar: The Way of Water? Fans were quick to evaluate the appearance of both movies and how far technology has come after the trailer aired last May 9 this year, garnering over 22 million views.

While many dissatisfied audiences stated that Avatar and the new film looked identical, eagle-eyed experts and fans noticed crucial distinctions. Nevertheless, the team behind Avatar: The Way of Water was able to capture the spirit and feel of the first film while also making significant improvements to every component of CGI and motion capture used throughout the film.

jake and neytiri
jake and neytiri

Most significantly, the illumination in the two films is vastly different, as illustrated above. Corridor Digital’s Sam Gorski emphasised the complexity of the subsurface scattering featured in the video, which lends depth and realism to the shot.

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Sub-surface scattering is an important feature of CGI lighting because it occurs when light enters the surface of a translucent object (such as an eyeball, water, or glass) and is reflected back out. Water simulations are also incredibly spectacular in the Avatar 2 (2022) trailer, and so realistic that many viewers thought the pictures were shot genuinely.

Avatar’s innovations were numerous, which was not surprising given that CGI was still relatively new in 2009. Wt pioneered innovative ways for lighting vast areas like as Pandora’s rainforest, as well as a better method of capturing face emotions.

jake ansd neytriri in Avatar
jake ansd neytriri

Actors donned skull hats with a tiny camera positioned in front of their faces, which were dot-marked to allow computers to translate their facial emotions and eye movements. Despite these revolutionary advances,

Avatar seems more flatter than Avatar 2 (2022), with a shallower depth of focus and often darker scenes that obscure most of the background effects. The Way of Water is not only on a grander scale, but it also features deep, rich vistas and vast landscapes that appear far more tangible than in the first film.

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Wētā FX, a world-class New Zealand visual effects firm famed for films such as The Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes, is collaborating with Cameron to bring Pandora to life. With an Oscar for its collaboration with Cameron on the first Avatar film, it’s hardly surprise that the business has continued to advance in filmmaking technology. In true Wētā fashion, the studio coded its own simulations to create the water-world in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar images
Avatar images

The filmmakers pioneered underwater motion capture to truly mimic the movements of the Na’vi swimming, as shown above. Furthermore, Wt has filed several additional water simulation patents, confirming its leadership in the realm of cinematic CGI.

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Industrial Light & Magic, another well-known visual effects firm, collaborated with Weta on the first Avatar film to produce the battle sequences.

ILM was also in charge of the film’s specialty vehicles and, similar to what Wt achieved with motion capture, invented a new approach to create CGI explosions. Hopefully, ILM will reunite with Wt and Cameron for the upcoming Avatar 2 (2022) films.

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