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Avatar 2: Even 13 years after its initial release, Avatar is still doing very well at the box office. Before the follow-up, Avatar 2: The Way of Water, which debuts in December 2022, the James Cameron film was remastered and released on a larger scale.

It was anticipated that the re-release would perform well at the box office because it was the biggest movie of all time.

Avatar 2
Avatar 2

The movie topped the charts over the weekend, proving that expectations were met. The only new or altered footage in the Zoe Saldana starrer is its high quality. It does, however, include a teaser for Avatar 2.

Fans are being encouraged to see the remastered version of Avatar in theatres by even James Cameron. Fans flocked to theatres because of the hype surrounding the sequel, which helped to post some impressive numbers. As a result, the movie continued to dominate the weekend box office charts nearly 15 years later.

The re-release of Avatar brought in a staggering $30.5 million over the course of the three-day weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. It is significantly higher than or on par with the gross of many films that were released this year, including Beast and Bullet Train.

The North American domestic box office for the James Cameron-directed film was $10 million. The overseas collection saw a significant increase.

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Pandora in Avatar
Avatar 2 full movie download

The movie raked in $20.5 million abroad. This science fiction film has shattered all previous records when compared to other re-released films like Morbius and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The re-release of Avatar now seems to have a remote chance of helping the James Cameron film surpass the $3 billion mark globally. There has never been a record like this one. To achieve that, a $100 million miracle is required.

Box office figures are based on projections and data from a variety of sources. We have not independently verified the numbers.

Avatar 2
Avatar 2 movie screenshot

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Avatar movie
Avatar 2 full movie download

Avatar 2 And The Re-released Post Credit Scene Explained

Three different end-credits clips from Avatar: The Way of Water were shown during screenings of the film’s re-release, providing a better look at the sequel and the relationships between some of its main characters.

The eagerly anticipated James Cameron film picks up more than ten years after its predecessor.

Along with their five children, Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss), Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), and Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa) also share a home in Pandora with Miles Socorro, also known as “Spider,” their adopted human son (Jack Champion).

When they are forced to leave their home, the peace of the family is disturbed.

They encounter the Metkayina, an ocean-based Na’vi clan, as a result of their predicament. The Avatar franchise is anticipated to grow significantly with the release of Avatar: The Way of Water.

It will investigate novel ideas, creatures, and figures like the Metkayina’s chieftains, Cliff Curtis’ Tonowari, and Kate Winslet’s Ronal, whom the actress described as “a pivotal character in the ongoing story” (via Variety).

The eagerly awaited follow-up will also prepare audiences for Avatar 3 (debuting in December 2024), Avatar 4 (debuting in December 2026), and Avatar 5 (debuting in December 2028). (December 2028).

Avatar 2 images
Avatar 2 images

In advance of the eagerly anticipated release of The Way of Water, Avatar has made a comeback in theatres. Given that it has been remastered in 4K, the new version of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster differs slightly from its predecessor.

The successful re-release of Avatar includes three distinct end-credits scenes, each of which is linked to a different screening of the movie. They are all excerpts from The Way of Water. Despite being brief, the sequences offer a thorough look at the film’s cutting-edge visuals and provide information about its plot and new characters.

In one of the scenes, a group of Metkayina members can be seen swimming alongside Jake and Neytiri’s Na’vi children. In contrast to the Sully siblings, who are unable to hold their breath for very long, the Metkayina are seen swimming underwater for an extended period of time with ease.

The Metkayina draw attention to their difficulty and claim that the kids are poor divers. The appearance of Kiri, Neytiri and Jake’s adopted Na’vi daughter, is possibly the scene’s most important revelation.


The Sully children are confused about Kiri’s whereabouts after their swimming lesson with the Metkayina. The character is then seen admiring the things she encounters while exploring the aquatic environment much more readily than her siblings. The character of Kiri, played by Sigourney Weaver, who also played Doctor Grace Augustine in the movie Avatar, is one of the movie’s most intriguing elements.

In the movie, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) shot and killed the scientist. With the goal of transferring Grace’s consciousness into the Na’vi body, Jake attempted to save her by transporting her body and avatar to the Tree of Souls. But eventually, her wounds were too serious, and she passed away.

At D23 2022, footage from Avatar: The Way of Water seems to imply that Kiri is the offspring of the Avatar 2 character played by Sigourney Weaver.

Before saying “Hi, mother,” the youngster was apparently seen (via /Film) embracing a container that contained Grace’s Na’vi avatar. However, there is also the chance that Kiri is a previous life of Grace.


The character revealed to Jake before she passed away that she was with the Na’vi goddess Eywa, saying, “Jake, I’m with her. She’s true.”

Theoretically, her final remarks may suggest that Grace had been Kiri in a previous life. That makes the most sense considering Jake’s alleged relationship with Eywa.

Jake prayed to the goddess for her assistance in battle before the Na’vi’s last struggle against mankind. He was assured by Neytiri that Eywa was neutral, but she was mistaken when the deity sent animal reinforcements to help the Na’vi defeat Quaritch (who is also returning for Avatar 2).

Given that, it’s likely that Eywa, who was aware of the close relationship between Grace and Jake, gave the scientist new life through Kiri, and that Jake, who was aware of Kiri’s connections to his old buddy, elected to raise the kid.

Even while the video appeared to show that Kiri recognized Grace as her mother, the fact that the doctor’s Na’vi body was not clearly pregnant when she passed away may point to a more complex puzzle regarding the girl’s ancestry.

Avatar movie
Avatar movie

The second scene focuses on Lo’ak, a different kid of Jake and Neytiri. The video (posted by Avatar Guy on YouTube) depicts Lo’ak being saved by Payakan, a member of the tulkun race of marine animal.

The creature speaks to Lo’ak and makes friends with him. According to reports, Payakan’s point of view enters the scene and takes first person.

Producer of the Avatar sequel Jon Landau claimed that tulkuns are clever creatures, maybe on par with the Na’vi in intelligence: “The goal was to produce a beast the size of Pandora. Approximately 300 feet long is a tulkun.

They are a sentient species, and in their own way, they are just as intelligent as the Na’vi.”

Pandora in Avatar
Pandora in Avatar

The Avatar sequels’ anticipated subtitles were revealed online in 2018. The Quest for Eywa, The Seed Bearer, The Way of Water, and The Tulkun Rider were among them. The names were under consideration for the movies, James Cameron would later admit.

It’s likely that one of the planned sequels will definitely use the Tulkun Rider subtitle given that The Way of Water will serve as the title for the first Avatar sequel. As a result, the tulkun race may continue to play a significant role in the series going ahead.

Additionally, as this sequence seems to hint, Neytiri and Jake’s family’s post-Avatar 2 history may be somehow related to the future of the animals.

The Metkayina clan’s chief, Tonowari (Cliff Curtis), will be featured in Avatar: The Way of Water. He interacts with Lo’ak in the third after-credits scene (via Avatar Guy on YouTube). The scene in the footage appears to occur after Lo’ak and Payakan’s initial encounter.

It indicates that the young Na’vi formed a relationship with the animal, much to Tonowari’s chagrin. Because tulkuns are not murderers, the leader reveals to Lo’ak that Payakan committed a crime and was kicked out of his pack as a result.

Tonowari, however, probably has the wrong idea of Payakan because The Way of Water revolves around their relationship. James Cameron said, in an interview with Empire (via Avatar Wiki), “It’s a kid and his dog narrative, except the dog is 98 feet long and weighs 15 tonnes.”

Avatar images
Avatar images

Jake Sully shows in and tells the Na’vi chief that he would handle the matter with his son while Lo’ak is still having a disagreement with Tonowari. There was probably a legitimate motive for Payakan’s slaying, given Cameron’s description of the beast.

Avatar 2’s primary emotional anchor appears to be Lo’ak’s resented relationship with Payakan, which may play a role in the movie’s overarching plot.

The mythology of the series will be considerably expanded by Avatar: The Way of Water, and as all three of Avatar’s end-credits scenes demonstrated, there is still much to discover in the realm of Pandora as the franchise develops.

Avatar 2 Full Movie Download (Screenshots)

Avatar 2: The way of water
Avatar 2: The way of water
avatar 2
Avatar 2
Jake sully in Avatar 2
Jake sully in Avatar 2
Avatar 2: The Way Of Water
avatar 2 full movie free download in english

Avatar 2 Movie Download

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Avatar 2 Full Movie
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