10 Best Cement Stocks to Buy in India 2023


Best Cement Stocks to Buy: Since there are many cement-producing companies based in India, there are several opportunities for investors to purchase Cement Stocks to Buy. These are all queries of investors which we will clear it today in this article.

  • Can I invest in cement?
  • Will cement stocks go up?
  • Which is the No 1 cement of India?
  • Is it good to buy Ambuja cement share?
  • Best cement stocks to buy in India 2023 ?
  • Best cement stocks for long term?

Best Cement Stocks to Buy
Best Cement Stocks to Buy

The top stocks in this industry will be examined in this article to assist traders in selecting the best cement stocks to purchase.

All types of construction projects need cement, which is a crucial element in building a structure. Cement will always be in demand, unlike many other raw resources.

Thus, investing in the stock of companies that make cement is always a wise choice for stock traders.

Best Cement Stocks to Buy

Cement is another such raw material that is necessary for the construction of structures like buildings, bridges, and other types of infrastructure.

This has consistently kept demand for cement manufacturing enterprises high, and they generate a sizable amount of revenue each year. Investors are drawn to these businesses by the enormous profits they produce, so they search for the finest cement stocks to purchase.

Today’s essay will concentrate on the top ten cement stocks that can guarantee positive shareholder returns. They are UltraTech Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, ACC, The Ramco Cement, Dalmia Bharat Limited, JK Cement, Birla Corporation Limited, Heidelberg Cements, and Century Text.

The information provided below will be helpful to readers in making informed decisions about Best Cement Stocks to Buy. They should pay close attention to these specifics and choose the course that seems to be the most profitable.

Best Cement Stocks in India – Based on Highest Net Profit Margin

What do you mean by net profit margin?

Let me explain this term clearly. The net profit margin, or simply net margin, is a percentage of sales that measures how much net income or profit is created. It is the ratio of a company’s or business segment’s net profits to revenues.

net profit margin formula

Net profit margin is commonly reported as a percentage, but it can also be expressed in decimal form.

Here in this table I have listed 10 Best Cement Stocks to Buy – Based on Highest Net Profit Margin (in percent)

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Net Profit Margin (%)
1Ramco Industries Ltd1,665.23190.2520.62
2Mega Nirman & Industries Ltd5.9417.7519.51
3Shree Cement Ltd76,358.5920,844.5014.99
4Ramco Cements Limited16,938.62742.3014.61
5UltraTech Cement Ltd1,78,604.926,172.9513.79
6RHI Magnesita India Ltd10,191.87636.5013.42
7Pokarna Ltd1,487.26476.8512
8Kakatiya Cement Sugar and Industries Ltd170.60216.6011.79
9ACC Ltd44,570.372,350.3011.38
10Sahyadri Industries Ltd461.39420.2511

Best Cement Stocks TO BUY in India – Based on Highest dividend yield

What do you mean by Dividend yield?

Dividend yield is a financial statistic that compares the amount of cash dividends given to shareholders to the market price per share.

Got it. So lets check out list of 10 best cement stocks in India based on this Dividend yield.

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Dividends Per Share (₹)
1Shree Cement Ltd76,358.5920,844.5090
2HIL Ltd2,132.482,751.8565
3ACC Ltd44,570.372,350.3058
4UltraTech Cement Ltd1,78,604.926,172.9538
5J K Cement Ltd19,738.172,554.5015
6Visaka Industries Ltd1,025.19567.6015
7Birla Corporation Ltd7,673.58994.4010
8Grasim Industries Ltd1,10,524.471,669.1510
9Dalmia Bharat Ltd28,624.591,523.009
10Heidelbergcement India Ltd4,251.26186.309

Best Cement Stocks TO BUY in India – Based on High EPS

What is ‘Earnings per share (EPS)’

EPS stand for Earnings Per Share. Earnings per share, or EPS, is a key financial metric that measures a company’s financial performance.

It is computed by dividing the company’s net income by the total number of shares outstanding. It is a method that market players typically use to assess a company’s financial performance before purchasing its stock.

Got it. So lets check out list of 10 best cement stocks in India based on this High EPS.

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Earnings Per Share (₹)
1Shree Cement Ltd76,358.5920,844.50646.31
2HIL Ltd2,132.482,751.85279.45
3UltraTech Cement Ltd1,78,604.926,172.95254.43
4Grasim Industries Ltd1,10,524.471,669.15114.71
5ACC Ltd44,570.372,350.3098.9
6J K Cement Ltd19,738.172,554.5088.93
7Visaka Industries Ltd1,025.19567.6069.76
8Sahyadri Industries Ltd461.39420.2562.85
9Deccan Cements Ltd705.35503.5562.52
10Dalmia Bharat Ltd28,624.591,523.0061.1

Best Cement Stocks TO BUY in India – Based on Highest Volume

What do you mean by volume of any stocks?

Volume in the stock market indicates how many shares were bought, sold, or traded over a specific time period. Volume is defined as the number of shares purchased and sold.

The greater the volume, the greater the number of shares traded.

This signifies that the more shares traded (bought and sold), the higher the volume.

Volume formula in stock market.

Volume = Total Number of Shares

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Daily Volume
1India Cements Ltd7,177.22250.252,48,57,060.00
2Ambuja Cements Ltd1,00,146.02500.051,19,53,595.00
3ACC Ltd44,570.372,350.3012,57,484.00
4Heidelbergcement India Ltd4,251.26186.307,41,688.00
5RHI Magnesita India Ltd10,191.87636.56,88,628.00
6Star Cement Ltd4,011.49103.406,19,240.00
7Ramco Cements Limited16,938.62742.305,52,844.00
8Grasim Industries Ltd1,10,524.471,669.155,48,119.00
9Sanghi Industries Ltd1,404.3555.955,34,901.00
10Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd14,459.47406.804,21,865.00

10 Cement Stocks To Buy As Recommended By Sharekhan

RankTop 10 Stocks
1UltraTech Cement
2Shree Cements
3Ambuja Cements
5The Ramco Cements
6Dalmia Bharat
7JK Cement
8Birla Corporation
9Heidelberg Cements
10Century Text


Ultratech Cement Limited

Ultratech Cement, founded in 1983, is now the greatest cement stock to purchase. The company is a component of the Aditya Birla Group and one of the top companies in the cement industry. In today’s market, its market capitalization is Rs 112881.66 crore, which is enormous. The 52-week low-high ratio clearly demonstrates the Best Cement Stocks to Buy

That the company has recovered from its low points and is now operating effectively. In the previous 52 weeks, the stock had reached a low of 2910 and a high of 4754.10. The shares of Ultratech Cement got a dividend of 0.33%, which increased the stockholders’ profit.

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Shree Cement Limited

Since its beginning in 1979, Shree Cements has been ranked among the top cement production enterprises in India. This company’s total assets are currently Rs 71789.86 crore, and it is ranked second on the list of best cement stocks to purchase. This stock is one of the most profitable, attracting large investments.

Shree Cements’ 52-week low was 15410, while its 52-week high was 25355, which is very high. The corporation is aggressively expanding its business horizon and has megaprojects in the works that will raise its stock price. This share pays a dividend of 0.55% to shareholders based on their ownership. Best Cement Stocks to Buy IN 2022-2023.

Ambuja Cements Limited

Ambuja Cements Limited is the third most traded cement company in India. It is a significant cement production and supplying corporation with a large domestic network. The company’s market value is Rs 42780.73 crore, and it is rapidly rising. The stock has returned to its 52-week low.

And providing good returns to investors. This stock’s lowest price in the last 52 weeks was 136.55, and its highest price was 231.85. Ambuja Cements shares offer a 0.70% dividend, which effectively raises the amount of profit earned by a shareholder. Best Cement Stocks to Buy.

ACC Limited

ACC Limited is one of India’s early cement makers, having secured a significant market share with its high-quality goods. It ranks fourth among the best ten cement stocks to purchase recommended by this article. The entire value of this company’s shares is Rs 25914.64 crore, which gives traders a cause to invest in it.

The stock dropped to a 52-week low of 895.15, but it has since recovered entirely. The 52-week high was 1709, which is about double the low. The actual dividend amount is 1.01% on the shares of ACC Ltd. This stock has traditionally dominated the market, and experts expect a good future for it. India’s Best Cement Stocks (Best Cement Stocks to Buy)

Ramco Cements Limited

Ramco Cements, founded in 1961, is well-known for producing high-quality cement that is frequently used in construction. It has a market capitalization of Rs 17,114.65 crore and is without a doubt one of the greatest cement stocks to invest in. The company’s business portfolio is constantly expanding.

It is also drawing major investment. This stock’s 52-week low-high ratio appears to be fairly promising, as it has made a significant climb. This stock’s low point in the last 52 weeks was 455 and its high point was 884.25. Ramco Cements shares pay a dividend of 0.34%, and investors receive it based on the number of shares they own.

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Dalmia Bharat Limited

Dalmia Bharat Limited is a well-known cement producing company that has been serving the country’s infrastructure since 1949. With a market value of Rs 14406.66 crore, the stock now ranks sixth among the top cement stocks to purchase. This stock’s value has continuously increased over time. It has also become a popular among investors.

Its 52-week low was 402.70, and its 52-week high was 919. Dalmia Bharat Limited has a bright future and can thus be regarded as a valuable investment tool for shareholders. They can gain a lot of money if they hold this stock for a long period.

JK Cement Limited

JK Cement Limited is a high-end company that manufactures high-quality cement. This cement plant serves a large number of customers around the country and is constantly increasing its business scope. It is one of the greatest cement stocks to purchase right now, and the market is heading upward. The company’s total assets are Rs 12131.12 crore.

JK Cement shares have a 52-week low of 795.25 and a 52-week high of 1615, which is impressive. The company pays a 0.48% dividend and will provide more profitable chances for shareholders in the future. A huge number of merchant banks are invested in this company, and they are doing so efficiently. India’s Best Cement Stocks ( Best Cement Stocks to Buy )

Birla Corporation Limited

Birla Corporation is an A-listed cement production corporation that is a key player in the industry. The company was founded in 1910 and is currently ranked ninth among India’s top ten cement stocks. It has a market capitalization of Rs 5192.47 crore and is constantly expanding its portfolio. Birla Corporation has remained current with its consumers’ needs.

and efficiently developed Its stock has dropped from a high of 372.20 in the previous 52 weeks. During the same time span, it has risen to 807. Birla Corporation shares pay a dividend of 1.11%, providing additional earnings to shareholders.

Heidelberg Cement India Limited

Heidelberg Cement India Limited, founded in 1958, is a well-known cement firm that ranks last among India’s leading cement stocks. Its market capitalization is Rs 4313.58 crore, and a large volume of this stock is traded every day. The 52-week low was 122, while the 52-week high was 217.75.

Heidelberg Cement India shares have a high dividend yield of 3.94%, therefore investors should acquire them in large quantities. India’s Best Cement Stocks ( Best Cement Stocks to Buy)

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Century Textiles & Industries Limited

Century Textiles & Industries Ltd rounds out the 10 Best Cement Stocks to Buy in India. It is a well-known cement company with a diverse business portfolio. The company’s market value is Rs 4045.06 crore, and its customer base is rapidly expanding.

Century Textiles & Industries shares have reached a 52-week low of 218.60 and a 52-week high of 656.90. It pays a dividend of 0.83%, with owners receiving their portion based on their holdings.


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