Black Adam Movie Review: Is Black Adam worth watching?

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Black Adam Movie Review: Is Black Adam worth watching? If you are thinking to watch Black adam in theatre then must read this article to get faire review and plot about the film.

The story, which is set in the ruins of Kahndaq, opens with a flashback from 2600 BCE, showing how the city’s hardships gave rise to a champion who stood by the people to fight for their rights. When the rebel Adrianna (Sarah Shahi) awakens the “champion” and reveals Teth Adam as his origin story, Kahndaq’s people are once again being held as slaves by the evil Intergang (Dwayne Johnson).

Teth is aware of his mission to free his people from the bad guys, but he must overcome the resistance of the “Justice Society” because he is a “anti-hero.” Yes, the crown in this superhero film provides its owner enormous power, exactly like in all other superhero films. By the conclusion, Teth Adam turns into Black Adam; I had hoped that the movie would also become exciting, but it didn’t.

Black Adam Movie Review: What’s Good

Black adam movie is full of entertainment with high end graphics. Movie duration is 2 hour 4 minute. Dwayne Johnson suprises fans at Black Adam screening.

Black Adam Movie Review: What’s Bad

DC production house once again fails to beat MARVEL.

Black Adam Movie Review: Toilet Break

Take a toilet break at any point in the movie if you’ve seen any good superhero movies before, and you’ll still understand what’s going without even knowing what happened.

Black Adam Movie Review: Available On

Black Adam is only available in Theatre.

Black Adam Box Office Collection day 1

Black Adam, starring Noah Centineo and Dwayne Johnson, made between 6.5 to 6.75 crores in ticket sales. Despite having a Thurday release just before Diwali, the movie managed to surpass previous Hollywood post-pandemic releases in India to rank sixth overall.

But unless Friday is a holiday, a report in Box Office India claims that the movie’s second day will see a significant decline in attendance. The family-friendly film directed by Jaume Collet and Serra might do better on Saturday. The statistics for Black Adam are all respectable in every circuit around the nation.

The top five opener for Hollywood post the pandemic are as follows.

5.Black Adam6,65,00,000 apprx
4.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom8,21,00,000
3.Thor – Love And Thunder18,52,00,000
2.Dr. Strange28,69,00,000
1.Spiderman – No Way Home32,67,00,000

Black Adam Movie Official Trailer– 1

Black Adam Movie Official Trailer– 2

ब्लैक एडम (Black Adam) – Official Hindi Trailer 2

ब्लैक एडम (Black Adam) – Official Hindi Trailer 1

Black Adam Movie Review: Plot Analysis

Similar to Dwayne Johnson’s career, the tale of importing a superhero from your culture’s history to protect the present-day situation of your city begins on an intriguing note but quickly becomes tedious and ends up being uninteresting. The story from Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines, and Sohrab Noshirvani is everything a superhero movie should be, yet it isn’t even finished with mind-numbing VFX to at least catch your attention.

When Pierce Brosnan’s character Fate uses his mental abilities to spread a web, the effects appear great, but they aren’t utilised effectively to build any type of compelling suspense. While Lawrence Sher’s camerawork occasionally saves the ship from sinking, it cannot be relied upon to keep it afloat until the very end. Together, everything goes under.

Black Adam Movie Review: Star Performance

Dwayne Johnson is living proof that a superhero doesn’t necessarily need to be muscular. He just wasn’t able to maintain his trifecta of humor, confusion, and broodingness. He combines all of his feelings into one huge ball of “why dafuq am I even here?”

As Fate, Pierce Brosnan makes the most inconspicuous effort to level the general unstructured chaos. The issue is that neither his nor the supporting cast’s performances have much to be remembered for. With Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, DC doesn’t try to show off anything new; he performs everything the Hulk has mastered over the years.

Hawkman, played by Aldis Hodge, tries to lead the JSA (Justice Society of America), but he utterly fails to do so because of his weak character design. You don’t even begin to understand Sarah Shahi’s perspective as she experiences anguish, which is what motivates her to rebel against the Intergang. Her act is as half-baked as everything else relating to her is touch-and-go. Quintessa Swindell’s portrayal of Cyclone is just as inconspicuous as Dwayne Johnson’s career prior to the jungle film series.

Black Adam cast and crew

Black Adam star cast
Release Date in US21 October 2022
Release Date in India20 October 2022
Dubbed InHindi, Tamil, Telugu
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Superhero
CastDwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Sarah Shahi, Quintessa Swindell, Pierce Brosnan
DirectorJaume Collet-Serra
WriterAdam Sztykiel, Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani
CinematographyLawrence Sher
ProducerDwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Beau Flynn
ProductionWarner Bros. Pictures

Dwayne Johnson as Teth-Adam/Black Adam

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Teth-Adam, who lived 5,000 years ago, was from Kahndaq. Teth-Adam, a slave of King Ahk-Ton, was selected by the Council of Wizards as the populace’s champion to overthrow the monarch before he finished creating the crown of Sabbac. Dwayne Johnson, who is most known for his work in the 2017 movie Jumanji, the animated picture Moana, the TV series Young Rock, the Fast and the Furious trilogy, in which he plays Hobbs, and the film San Andreas, plays Black Adam.

Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall/Hawkman

Black Adam Hawkman

The head of the Justice Society of America and reincarnated Egyptian royal Carter Hall (also known as Hawkman). Carter can fly as Hawkman thanks to his Nth metal wings, and he sees the world in stark contrasts between good and evil. Aldis Hodge, who is most known for his work in the films Hidden Figures, One Night in Miami, Straight Outta Compton, the psychological suspense film The Invisible Man, and the TV series Underground, plays Hawkman.

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Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate

Black Adam Doctor Fate
Black Adam Doctor Fate

The Justice Society member Kent Nelson (also known as Doctor Fate) uses the Helmet of Fate, which allows him to perceive events from the future. Pierce Brosnan, who is best known for playing James Bond in movies like The World is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies, plays Doctor Fate. In addition, he appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire, The Thomas Crown Affair, and the musical Mamma Mia!

Black Adam Rating

Black Adam rating
Black Adam rating

Black Adam IMDb Rating 2022


Black Adam Rating Times of India


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