Buy This Company Shares: 99% Chance Of Profit


If you want to earn a lot of profit with a green portfolio in the stock market, then this post is for you (the way to buy shares) because in this article we are going to tell 10 such things which, if kept in mind while you’re buying the shares of a company you are sure to get a handsome 99% profit.

Buy This Company Shares: 99% Chance Of Profit

Buy This Company Shares: 99% Chance Of Profit

Look, no one can make 100% correct predictions about the stock market because even the owner of any company does not know what is going to happen to his own company tomorrow, but there are some simple and very important things that If you take care of before buying the shares of a company, then the chances of loss are negligible and getting huge profits is almost certain.

Which company’s shares should you buy today, that will make big profits, if you know these 10 things, 99% chances of profit is fixed in the stock market?

Aaj Kis Company Ke Share Kharide? Do not go overboard today or tomorrow, keeping these 10 things in mind, if you buy shares of a company, then the chances of loss in a long time are negligible and 99% good profit is guaranteed.

The company should be debt-free

Debt is a very bad thing that can ruin any person and company because no company is able to make good decisions independently while in debt, so before buying shares of any company, special care should be taken that The company whose shares you are buying should be debt-free.

The lesser the debt, the higher the chances of growth of a company, you can find out how much debt the company has, by looking at its financial report on money control.

Assets should be more than Liabilities

A company whose assets are more than its liabilities, the more its chances of growth are higher and it is considered a good investment because if for any reason ever a bad situation comes to the company, then it will lose some of its assets. By selling the asset, one can easily pay off the liabilities and can easily save himself/herself from bankruptcy.

Every company presents its Asset & Liabilities (Asset & Liabilities) four times a year (quarterly) to the public in its Financial Report which you can easily access on the company’s official website or Money Control.

Consistently earning profits

Before buying shares of any company in the stock market, first of all, make sure that the company whose shares you want to buy has been making profits continuously for the last several years or at least 2-3 years. But it should not be in loss.

A company that is suffering losses continuously for the past few years, there is less chance that it will start making profits quickly, so buying the shares of such a company should be avoided to minimize the risk. And you should buy shares of that company which has been making profit continuously since last years.

Market demand for products and services

One should always buy the shares of the same company whose products and services are in great demand in the market today because the higher the demand for any company’s products and services, the more it sells and as a result, the higher the profit, the more its share price also increases over time.

What is the benefit of buying shares of such a company, whose products and services no one wants to buy, if you buy shares of a company whose products and services are in high demand in the immediate market, then you will get a good profit in the long run? It is almost certain.

Demand should remain in the future as well

While buying the shares of any company, it should be kept in mind that the demand for its products and services should remain the same in the future, least the demand for the products and services that the company provides today is in the present times. But it should not stop in the coming few years in the future.

Like items used in daily life, food items and soap, oil, and toothpaste are such things that people will never stop using no matter what the situation like lockdown or world war.

The share price should be around 200 DMA

Often people make the same mistake in the stock market when the price of a stock goes up a lot, they buy it at a high price, and then when it starts coming down, they panic and sell it by taking a loss.

See, it is the tendency of the stock to rise and fall, so no matter how good a company is, it is not good to buy its shares at a higher price, so at least when the stock price comes around the 200-day moving average, its time to buy those shares.

Big investors like FII, DII increasing their stake

If big investors like Foreign Institutional investors, Domestic Institutional Mutual Funds, etc. increase their stake in a company, then it is a good sign for that company because these companies for a long time have been examining everything about the growth of the company and then they are Investing with these big funds (thousands of crores).
And can neither buy nor sell so many shares at once because they do not get any buyers by selling a large number of shares together, due to which the share price goes down very much, and then everyone is afraid of loss. Shares start selling due to which they can incur huge losses and the same happens in the case of buying.

Big investors like FII and DII are increasing or decreasing their stake, you can see it in the shareholding pattern of its financial report by searching the name of that company on Money Control.

Working on Future Technology

This is the most efficient way to earn manifold money from the stock market, but it requires a lot of research and experience.

Like, you can buy shares of companies working on technology like electric vehicles, cyber security, robots, and data programming with their research, the chances of becoming a multi-bagger are very high.

Competition should be less

The fewer the competitors of the company, the higher the chances of growth of that company because consumers have no option but to take only its products and services like IRCTC company online ticket booking in the rail sector, Rail Neer, Rail Food is a non-competitive company

By the way, it is common to find competition in every sector today, so you should try to buy the shares of the company that has fewer competitors and is stronger than its peer companies.

Management should be transparent and fraud-free

While buying the shares of any company, it must be seen once that that company has never cheated the investors before and has not manipulated the share price by altering its figures.

Because today there are about 6000 companies listed in the stock market of India, some of which are also delisted from the stock market due to fraud and manipulation, so you should always buy shares of a cleanly managed, never manipulated, and fraud-free company.



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