Balancing Rock: Even Earthquake Can’t Shake This Rock!

Balancing Rock
Balancing Rock

There are many such things in the world that take everyone by surprise. There is such a balancing rock in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, that everyone is surprised to see. The balance of this stone is such that even the tremors of the biggest earthquake could not shake it.

A large number of tourists come here to see this stone. There is a huge crowd of tourists, especially during the holidays. For years this stone has remained in one place.

Many experts have also tried to solve its mystery, but their answer is that this stone is stable due to the force of gravity.

In this post today we are going to tell about this mysterious stone, so let’s begin.

This stone never moves

The earthquake of 22 May 1997 caused great destruction in Jabalpur. Many buildings were demolished by the tremors of the earthquake. 40 people had died.

There was only one balancing rock in the whole city, which was not affected by the earthquake. The magnitude of the 1997 earthquake was 6.2. But this stone did not stagger from its place. That is why it is called balancing rock.

Where is this balancing rock

Jabalpur city is world-famous for granite rocks. The city is surrounded by granite rocks. In the midst of these granite rocks, the fort of Rani Durgavati is situated in the hills of Madan Mahal. Balance Rock is located near the fort of Rani Durgavati. People come from all over the country to see this balanced rock.

It is included in the three balancing rocks of Asia.

Jabalpur-based Balance Rock is one of the three Balance Rocks in Asia. People from all over the world come to Jabalpur to see this Balance Rock and are surprised to see it.

One rock is balanced on top of another rock. Over the years, this rock has remained on top of another rock, which has not even been shaken by the natural disaster to date.

Seems to fall

Balancing rock is such a stone, which looks like it can fall at any time. Those who do not know about this stone are afraid to even go near it.

The balancing rock rests only on some parts of the other stone, but whether there is a storm or a storm, this stone does not move at all. Even archaeologists have not been able to solve its mystery to date. They say that these rocks must have been formed from the era of magma. There are many balancing rocks around Jabalpur.


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