14 Amazing Facts About Hollywood Movies You Missed!

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When it comes to Hollywood movies, they don’t tell us everything directly in the movie, usually, there are a lot of things that moviemakers leave it for movie fans to find out, that’s called a good marketing strategy.

Today we have a list of 14 Facts About Hollywood Movies that you might not know yet.

14 Facts About Hollywood Movies That Will Amaze You!

1. Finding Nemo

Facts About Hollywood Movies: Finding Nemo’s main character Nemo was seen in a scene from the movie “Monster’s, Inc.” It is worth noting that “Monster Ink” was released 2 years before the movie “Finding Nemo”.

2. The Avengers

Facts About Hollywood Movies: Jeremy Renner, the main character of The Avengers, learned archery skills from an Olympic archer to play the role of Hawkeye in the film “The Avengers”“.

3. Inception

Facts About Hollywood Movies: In the film Inception, many such hints were given to the audience that it seemed that this film is really a film based on dreams. The number 3502 is shown repeatedly in several scenes in this film.

This shows that the entire dream was that of the main character “Cobb” in this film. In this film, the number of the hotel room where “Cobb” and “Mal” celebrated their anniversary was also 3502.

4. The Dark Knight

Facts About Hollywood Movies: “The Dark Knight” was the only film in the Batman film series that did not include “Batman” in the film’s name.

5. Ice Age

Facts About Hollywood Movies: There was a strange squirrel-like character in the animation movie “Ice Age”. This character was not actually a squirrel, but a creature named “Scart” combining the characteristics of a mouse and a squirrel, which was voiced by the director of “Ice Age” himself.

6. The Schindler List

Facts About Hollywood Movies: “The Schindler List” was the most expensive “black and white” movie of all time. The cost of making this film was 145 crores 56 lakhs.

7. The Pursuit of Happiness

Facts About Hollywood Movies: The man who passes by actor Will Smith at the end of the film “The Pursuit of Happiness”, was based on the biography of the same man, Chris Gardner.

8. Titanic

Facts About Hollywood Movies: In the sketch scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio made a nude sketch of actress Kate Winslet, the hand shown making the sketch belonged to the film’s director James Cameron. All the sketches shown in Jack’s sketchbook were also made by James Cameron.

9. Silence of the Lamb

Facts About Hollywood Movies: Hannibal Lecter, the main character of the Hollywood film “Silence of the Lamb”, did not blink his eyes even once in the film.

10. Harry Potter

Facts About Hollywood Movies: The woman who played Myrtle (the girl who always cried in the bathroom) in the film Harry Potter was 37 years old in real life, but she was shown as a schoolgirl in the film Harry Porter.

11. Casino Royale

Facts About Hollywood Movies: “Casino Royale” was the first James-Bond film to be shown in cinemas in China. In a scene in this film, a 19 crore car “Aston Martin DBS” was also shown being destroyed.

12. Fight Club

Facts About Hollywood Movies: Marla Singer from Fight Club and Teddy aka John Gemmell from the movie Memento have the same phone numbers.

13. Pulp Fiction

Facts About Hollywood Movies: The forks of all the clocks shown in the Pulp Fiction movie were shown to be stuck at 4:20.

14. Terminator 2

Facts About Hollywood Movies: In Terminator 2, Arnold spoke only 700 words in the entire picture and he charged $15 million for this film. This means that his iconic dialogue “Hasta La Vista Baby” cost around $85,000.


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