10 Amazing Facts About Warren Buffett That You Don’t Know!


Facts About Warren Buffett: Warren Edward Buffett, who is an American businessman, investor, and a speaker, Warren Buffett was born on August 30, 1930, and today he is about 88 years old, today Warren Buffett is the chairman and CEO of his company Berkshire Hataway.

We all know him as the king of stock market but as he has earned most of his worth from stock market and he also encourages other peple to invest.

Facts About Warren Buffett

Facts About Warren Buffett

Facts About Warren Buffett: Today, Warren Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world, and today his net worth is $ 84 billion i.e. about 6 lakh 92 thousand crores. Which makes him the third richest man in the world.

So in this article we are going to tell you something about Warren Buffett, which you probably did not know.

Facts About Warren Buffett

  • Warren Buffett bought his first stock when he was just 11 years old, and he’s sorry he took too long to do it!
    As a child, Warren Buffett used to work as a newspaper seller, earning him $175 a month.
  • Despite being so wealthy today, Warren Buffett lives in a small five-bedroom house in Omaha, which he bought in 1956 for $3,500.
  • Facts About Warren Buffett: As well as he don’t even have any kind of computer, and even today instead of using the latest smartphone, they use the old model flip phone.
  • Warren Buffett says that he had sent only one mail in his entire life , that too to a Microsoft official.
  • A few years ago, when the world’s richest man Bill Gates met Warren Buffett for the first time, Bill Gates had given only half an hour for the meeting of both of them, because Bill Gates thought that Warren Buffett was not of his category. but when their meeting started, it lasted for about 10 hours. And then after that meeting Bill Gates became a very good friend of Warren Buffett.
  • Facts About Warren Buffett: Currently 88-year-old Buffett has earned 99% of his net worth after celebrating his 50th birthday. Buffett had only $300 million on his 50th birthday, whereas today he has $84 billion and is the third richest person in the world.
  • Today, Warren Buffett has invested a total of 10 billion dollars, that is, about 70 thousand crores in America’s four largest airline company, but even today, despite having his own airline company, Warren Buffett is private while going anywhere. He does not use planes, and always prefers to travel in economy class instead of traveling in business class.
  • Also, despite having so much wealth, Warren Buffett has only one vehicle, which he drives himself, neither he has any driver, nor any bodyguard.
  • Facts About Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett spends almost 80 percent of his day reading books, and he is a little different from the rest of the rich even in terms of food, he loves to eat cheese burgers and drink coke with it.
  • Warren Buffett has donated $ 31 billion i.e. about 2 lakh 25 thousand crores from his earnings till date.
  • Also, he keeps a program to eat food with them every year, for which big people bid crores of rupees, and Warren Buffett donates all the money received from this program to an organization.


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