Thor Love and Thunder: Know This Before Watching The Film

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Thor Love and Thunder: With the consistent new releases of web series and movies in MCU, it can be quite challenging to remember where characters are and what their present circumstances are, and the multiverse’s inclusion just makes matters more difficult.

Thor will make his ninth appearance on the big screen with the impending release of Thor Love and Thunder, and it’s safe to say that he’s gone through a lot! It would be wise to keep in mind certain important details concerning his predicament before watching Thor Love and Thunder.

Thor and Jane Foster Broke Up

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor and Jane’s relationship appeared to be at best strained after the first Thor movie. This was made clear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as Thor revealed he had no idea where Jane was, so confirming their estrangement.

Since Thor told Loki that the breakup was amicable, it is unknown what kind of terms the two were on when the romance was officially declared over in Ragnarok. There have been at least another five years since the two haven’t spoken since Endgame revealed that Jane had been blipped by Thanos.

It wouldn’t be too presumptuous to imply that their romance might not yet be over given the subject of the next film and Jane’s important involvement in it.

Valkyrie rules the New Asgard

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor declared Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to be the next ruler of Asgard at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Valkyrie first mistook Thor’s remark for humour before realising his serious intent.

Thor was unwilling to assume the role of King of Asgard because he preferred to build his own path through life rather than follow expectations. Valkyrie informed Thor before he departed that she would be making significant changes to New Asgard, which will be intriguing to watch in Love and Thunder.

Thor is Currently with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor was last seen at the end of Endgame. Thor boarded the Guardians’ ship and sat down with the crew before transferring the throne of King of Asgard to Valkyrie.

Although it’s currently unknown what they were up to between Endgame and Love and Thunder, the Guardians’ inclusion in the future film should make it possible for us to find out.

We are aware that one of the Guardians’ goals was to locate Gamora, specifically Starlord. We’ll be interested to see whether this is relevant to the fourth Thor movie’s plot, but either way, we can expect some amusing interactions.

Thor has a dad bod

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor had a lot of hardships, and as a result, he fell into a depression and changed into a nearly unrecognisable person. As much as the internet enjoyed making fun of this and exploiting it, it was shocking to see Thor looking so out of shape.

Prior to this, the God of Thunder was well known for his flawless body. Thor was still in this dad-bod stage as Endgame ended, but the Love and Thunder trailer has shown us how he has changed back into a more recognised version of himself.

His witty remarks don’t seem to have disappeared, but this will help him be treated more seriously!

Loki is Dead

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: The love/hate relationship between Loki and Thor has lasted over a decade on the big screen, but the events of Infinity War appear to have put a stop to that for the time being. Thanos murdered Loki in a valiant last stand.

Loki attempted to stab Thanos in the throat after attempting to persuade him that he would aid him. To the demigod’s dismay, Thanos foresaw this and stopped it before seizing Loki by the throat. Loki continued to act in his usual rebellious way as Thanos broke his neck and threw his lifeless body at Thor’s feet.

Loki was visible in Endgame as the Avengers went back in time because of the time stone’s characteristics. He stole the Tesseract and fled from this place. This version of Loki is now present in the universe as shown in his own Disney+ spin-off series, however it’s unlikely that we’ll see him in Love and Thunder.

Don’t forget Korg

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor has witnessed many of the individuals he cared about and admired pass away at the hands of the many villains he has confronted over the years, but Korg is one of his friends who hasn’t met the same end.

In the gladiator’s quarters of Ragnarok, the two first spoke. Since then, the two have remained good friends, with Korg frequently lending a hand to Thor when he needs it. In Endgame, a Kronan named Korg was spotted with Thor in New Asgard playing video games, indicating that the two remained close throughout the “blip.

” The last time we saw him, he was in New Asgard. However, he has since been in trailers, so we may expect to see him in more amusing situations with the mismatched duo.

Thor Wields Stormbreaker

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: Thor needs a new weapon after losing his trademark one. Stormbreaker is here. The legendary axe, which the dwarves of Nidavellir intended to be the finest weapon ever constructed, wasn’t really made until Thor went seeking for it.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor and Eitri were able to forge the legendary axe with the aid of the Guardians.

Stormbreaker is able to access the Bifrost, which enables Thor to move throughout the Nine Realms, as well as channel all of Thor’s abilities and unleash terrifying energy blasts.

Hela Destroyed Mjolnir

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: The aforementioned Asgard was totally destroyed in the Thor: Ragnarok film, which was a brutally devastating entry in the Thor series. However, Thor also lost other things. His iconic hammer, Mjolnir, was broken by Hela.

Her ability to crush the hammer “like a piece of glass,” as Loki so empathetically described it, demonstrated her actual strength.

While we’re talking about Mjolnir, it’s noteworthy to notice that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who appears in the Love and Thunder trailer, can be seen holding the legendary weapon. This matters for two reasons.

The first is because it was broken, as was mentioned, and the second is that not many individuals have been deserving of holding it. In reality, only Vision and Captain America have been seen to be able to use it, aside from Thor himself.

This suggests that Jane’s Mighty Thor has considerable power, and it’s fascinating to learn more about his background.


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