IN THE DARK SEASON 4: Release Date Is Here

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In The Dark Season 4
In The Dark Season 4

In the dark season 4: “In the dark” is an American drama and Police procedural Crime Web series featured on CW and Is created by Corinne Kingsbury, After the initial release of, In the dark season 1,  this web series has made a lot of fans worldwide,  since its premiere of, in the dark Season 1 on 4th of April 2019,  the fans were eagerly waiting for the next season.

Until now there are three seasons of in the dark,  the last and the third season were premiered on the 23rd of June 2021.

This hit CW series, in the dark, revolves around Murphy Mason, a blind Young woman who has a very chaotic life,  after the death of his friend Tyson,  she is willing to help the police to find out who is the murderer,  the reason why she is willing to find out and search for the murderer is that she had a very chaotic life without any purpose and now she has a purpose to find the murder of his friend Tyson.

In The Dark Season 4 release date

In total the show has 39 episodes in three seasons,  after the end of 3rd season,  the “ in the dark”  fans were left with the question of whether season 4 will be released or not.

there are a lot of fans of ‘in the dark’ who wants to know if there is going to be a season 4? if yes then, when would be the season 4 of the hit CW series ‘in the dark would be released?

According to the past release, it could be said that season 4 of the dark would be released somewhere around June 2022, The CW web series is not gonna be released on Netflix soon. 

In The Dark Season 4: Murphy Mason Is Not Blind

The story of murphy Mason in “in the dark” revolves around a young woman named Murphy Mason played by the American actress Perry Mattfeld, her acting in this web series was fabulous she did a very good job acting as a blind woman who is trying to find the murder of her friend,  helping the police to find the murder,  and while doing all those things she is also trying to manage her life which is very chaotic.

Her acting in this web series was so good,  that people were actually confused about her being blind in real life,  a lot of “ in the dark”  fans were confused about whether she is blind in real life because of her Unreal acting in this particular web series,  so to answer your question, “no she is not blind” she just did a very good job acting as blind.

The reason why the fans actually connected with Murphy Mason is that she portrays a very common individual’s lifestyle,  apart from her friend’s murder, her life was kind of a mess and she is trying to figure out a way to keep up with everything, from job to her family to her friends and her love life as well.

In The Dark Season 4 Cast

  1. Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason
  2. Rich Sommer as Dean Riley
  3. Brooke Markham as Jess Damon
  4. Casey Deidrick as Max Parish
  5. Keston John as Darnell James
  6. Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell
  7. Thamela Mpumlwana as Tyson Parker
  8. Derek Webster as Hank Mason
  9. Kathleen York as Joy Mason
  10. Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace
  11. Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens
  12. Levi and Trip as Pretzel
  13. Humberly Gonzalez as Vanessa
  14. Calle Walton as Chloe Riley
  15. Saycon Sengbloh as Jules Becker
  16. Leslie Silva as Rhonda Parker
  17. Lindsey Broad as Chelsea
  18. Sammy Azero as Wesley Moreno
  19. Nicki Micheaux as Nia Bailey
  20. Ana Ayora as Det. Sarah Barnes
  21. Chris Perfetti as Ben
  22. Natalie Liconti as Sterling Fuller
  23. Cortni Vaughn Joyner as Sam
  24. Dewshane Williams as Trey
  25. Alan Van Sprang as Keith Alper
  26. Maurice Compte as Josiah
  27. Marianne Rendon as Leslie
  28. Kimberly Laferriere as Lauren
  29. Aris Tyros as Beau
  30. Claudia Jurt as Cindy
  31. Stuart Hughes as Det. Miller
  32. Joey Klein as Redford Long


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