Indiara Devi: Mahesh Babu Mother Death News

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Indiara Devi: Mahesh Babu mother Death News: Mahesh Babu Mother : There is a tragedy in the house of Mahesh Babu, one of the leading heroes of Telugu cinema. His mother Mrs. Indira Devi is undergoing treatment at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad due to health problems. She passed away on Wednesday morning as the situation got out of control.

Indiara Devi: Mahesh Babu’s mother Death News
Mahesh Babu’s mother Ghattamaneni Indira death


Senior hero Krishna’s first wife is Indira Devi. They have three daughters..Padma, Manjula and Indira Priyadarshini. Two sons.. Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu. On the occasion of Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, Mahesh used to express his love by making special posts about his mother. Recently, Ramesh Babu died in Ghattamaneni family. Now it is very sad that Indira Devi also died.

Mahesh Babu Mother Death

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Her mortal remains will be kept at the Padmalaya studio for some time this morning. Later, the last rites will be performed in Maha Prasthanam.

It is known that Krishna’s second wife, actress and director Vijaya Nirmala also passed away due to illness in 2019.

Rest in peace Indira Devi…

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