This Stock Has Declared An Interim Dividend Of 700%

Interim Dividend

The Board of Directors of Page Industries Limited (PIL) recently declared its 4th Interim Dividend of Rs 70/-per equity share for the fiscal year 2021-2022. According to the BSE’s official website, the company’s Board of Directors met on May 26, 2022 to issue the dividend. Page Industries Limited has similarly set a June 2 Expiration Date.

Interim Dividend

For stocks, the ex-dividend date is important, and it is normally set one business day before the record date. If you buy a stock on or after the ex-date, you will not get the following dividend payment; instead, the dividend will be paid to the seller.

It is critical to purchase before the ex-dividend date in order to be eligible for a dividend. A overview of Page Industries’ dividends Page Industry has a solid dividend track record, having given dividends on a consistent basis over the past five years.

The business had previously declared a dividend of 3000.00 percent, or Rs 300/- per equity share, for the fiscal year ending March 2022. It has already declared a 1000 percent dividend on 18 January 2022, equating to Rs 1000/- each equity share.

Solid Net Profit in the Fourth Quarter On May 26, the largest garment manufacturer announced a 64.86 percent increase in net profit to Rs 190.52 crore for the fourth quarter of 2022, which ended on March 31, 2022. In the current financial year, income increased by 26 percent to Rs 1,111.11 crore, compared to Rs 880.76 crore the previous year. In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021-22, PIL’s total expenditures increased by 18.85 percent to Rs 870.04 percent

What is the current market price of Page Industries stock? PIL’s shares on the NSE gained 1.53 percent to Rs 45,119 a share as of noon trade. The company’s shares have gained 1.51 percent on the BSE, trading at Rs 45,157 a share as of noon trade. The company’s stock has traded between a 52-week high of Rs 46,737 and a 52-week low of Rs 29,119.95.

Page Industries Ltd is a company that was founded in 2004. The company, based in Bangalore, is the exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of the JOCKEY brand in India, as well as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates. Speedo International Ltd. has granted the company the sole permission to produce, market, and distribute the Speedo brand in India. The innerwear sector was successfully pioneered by Page Industries and its brand Jockey.


Page Industries Limited

Page Industries Limited is another Apparel and Accessories sector company. The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹49,618 crore. The price of one share of the company is ₹ 44,931.05 in BSE market today and ₹ 45,042.30 in NSE market today. Page Industries Limited was established in the year 1994.

As per the report provided by the company, the total income for the last year stood at Rs 2,970.288 crore and the total sales stood at Rs 2,945.422 crore. The company’s net profit stood at Rs 343.223 crore. Page Industries Limited has paid tax of Rs.-127.005 crore in the current year.

BSE Code:532779


  • Company is almost debt free.
  • Company is expected to give good quarter
  • Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 46.30%
  • Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 70.35%
  • Company’s median sales growth is 18.54% of last 10 years


  • Stock is trading at 46.04 times its book value



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