Kannon Valentine James Everything we Know So Far

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Kannon Valentine James: Kevin James, an American comedian, and Steffiana de la Cruz, a model, have a son, Kannon Valentine James. Since a couple of decades ago, Kevin has kept us all amused. In the CBS sitcom The King of Queens, he played the character Doug Heffernan, for which he is most known.

Kannon Valentine James
Kannon Valentine James

Shea James, Sienna James, and Sistine James are three of Kannon’s sisters. In keeping with their mother, Steffiana, and his sisters’ names all begin with “S.”

About Kannon Valentine James

The James family had a Miracle on Easter Sunday 2011 when everyone was commemorating the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. A representative for the couple confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that Steffiana gave birth to Kannon on April 25, 2011, in a hospital in Boston.

When Kevin James’s son Kannon Valentine James was born in 2011, he briefly topped the news in the United States due to the curiosity of readers who wanted to learn more about Kevin James’s son. He turned twelve in 2022.

The advent of Kannon was fortunate for his father because the movie Zookeeper, which debuted in July 2011, became a huge hit.

According to legend, Kuan-yin, a Chinese Buddhist deity of Mercy, served as an inspiration for the name Kannon. It’s Japanese in origin. The name is so uncommon that, according to Social Security Administration data from 2011, it doesn’t appear on the list of the top 1000 male names for the past 20 years.

Kannon And His Siblings

Given the presence of his siblings, it would not be an understatement to claim that Kannon never gets bored at home. He has three sisters—two who are older than him and one who is younger.

Sienna-Marie James, Kannon’s elder sister, was born to his parents in 2005. The second one, Shea Joelle James, was born in the year 2007—two years after the first. Sistine Sabelle James was born in 2015, making her the youngest of all of them.

Together, the four of them, especially Kannon and Shea, keep the fire burning at the James home. They have a few more years to disturb the calm because they are the only ones who haven’t reached teenagehood yet.

Sienna-Marie, the oldest kid, started practicing kickboxing. Kevin’s three other children are interested in sketching and animation. They don’t want to be in front of the camera, which I’m delighted about, but they want to be behind it, he said.

Kannon Valentine James As A Musician

Kannon enjoys listening to music, and he enjoys practising his musical abilities. A star child-like Kannon is bound to be knowledgeable about something artistic, as we might anticipate.

He is completely enamoured with the piano. His father uploaded a few videos showing him practising the piano. It appears that he plays it fairly well.

We all remember the pandemic, when Kannon Valentine James performed a piece to cheer people up as New York City was being completely destroyed by the Coronaviruses, to show his support for the medical professionals and everyone going through a difficult time. His father then shared it on his Instagram.

The gifted young man hasn’t just shown off his abilities in that one instance. The son’s supportive father has shared a number of videos of him engaging in the activities he enjoys the most.

Kannon Valentine James on Big Screen?

When you are a famous person in the world for something—comedy, singing, acting, whatever—you would hope that your child shares that interest. Similarly, Kevin has previously admitted that he has a positive impact on his children’s interest in comedy.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine from back in 2016, as he was getting ready for his television series Kevin Can Wait, the actor shared a few details about his personal life.

In a production where he plays a retired police officer who spends more time with his family and learns terrible realities, Kelvin talked about his experiences working on the movie. “This was my first time performing for children. Because of that, I’m enthusiastic.

I’ve bred my own four children exclusively for comic effect, he admitted, adding that he had four children in total. The comedian did add, though, that Sienna-Marie, his oldest child, has started kickboxing.

His three other children are interested in sketching and animation. They don’t want to be in front of the camera, which I’m delighted about, but they want to be behind it, he said.

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