Patanjali IPO: Know about Baba Ramdev’s IPO plan, date, key details


Patanjali IPO News: Baba Ramdev is going to make a big bang in the stock market, 5 companies of Patanjali Group will launch IPOs ( Patanjali upcoming IPO List 2022-2023 ).


Baba Ramdev recently held press conference in New Delhi on Friday

Patanjali group preparing to bring IPO of 5 companies in 5 years

Baba Ramdev talked on many issues related to allegation in the press conference

At present, the group’s 1 company Patanjali Foods is listed in the stock market.

There is good news for profit making money in IPO. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is going to explode in the primary market. Baba Ramdev is planning to bring IPO of 5 companies of Patanjali Group.

Patanjali IPO

patanjali ipo 2022

According to a report, Ramdev held press conference on Friday (16 September 2022) . In this, information about the Patanjali IPO of 5 companies of Patanjali Group has been given.

Ramdev is planning to launch these IPOs in the next five years. With this, Ramdev wants to take his corporate performance to new heights. Earlier in an interview, Ramdev had told that he plans to launch IPOs of Patanjali Ayurved, Patanjali Lifestyle, Patanjali Wellness and Patanjali Medicine. Patanjali IPO

Patanjali IPO
Patanjali IPO

5 new Patanjali IPOs in 5 years ( Patanjali VISION & MISSION 2027 )

It is being told that in this press conference, Baba Ramdev will give information about 5 new IPOs of five group companies in the next 5 years. In a press invitation, Patanjali said, ‘We are pleased to inform that Swami Ramdev will hold an important press conference in New Delhi on 16th September.’

The invitation further said, “Conspiracies defaming Patanjali and its Swadeshi movement in the direction of a strong and healthy India will also be exposed in this conference.”

Apart from this, Baba Ramdev will also outline the vision and mission 2027 of the Patanjali group. They will also outline 5 key priorities and goals of the group for 5 years in making India self-reliant.

Patanjali’s revenue has increased

Explain that the revenue of Patanjali increased to Rs 10,664.46 crore in the financial year 2022. In its previous financial year, it stood at Rs 9,810.74 crore.

However, the company’s net profit was marginally lower at Rs 740.38 crore in FY22. In the previous financial year, it was Rs 745.03 crore.

Right now this Patanjali company is listed in the market

At present, Patanjali Foods, the only company of Patanjali Group, is listed in the stock market. This company was earlier listed in the stock market under the name of Ruchi Soya.

patanjali food stock price

Patanjali Ayurved had bought this company in the year 2019 for Rs 4,350 crore. On Thursday, the stock of Patanjali Foods closed at Rs 1342.90, down 0.86 per cent or Rs 11.65 on the BSE.

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Patanjali Foods Limited, according to Baba Ramdev, “The greatest oil palm plantation company in India will be Patanjali Foods. Oil palm trees produce for the following forty years after being established.

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In the following five to seven years, the goal is to generate yearly returns of roughly 2,000 crore.” According to him, India will be able to save the about 3 lakh crore that it currently spends on annual imports of edible oil.

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