Kandovan village: People Living In Nest!

Kandovan village: You will find many strange people and places around the world. If anyone is asked who lives in the nest, almost everyone will answer -“Bird”. But if someone says that humans also live in the nest, then no one will believe it because every human has a dream of a luxurious house.

Kandovan village: People Living In Nest!

Everyone wants to have his own house and all the amenities are available in it. But in this article, we are going to tell you about such a house of humans, knowing about which you will be surprised. The name of this village is Kandovan.

Kandovan – Old Tradition

Actually, the tradition of living in nested houses among the people of Kandovan village of Iran is very old. This village is famous all over the world for its tradition and wonderful living. The people of this village live like birds by building mud-nesting houses.

The name Kandovan is derived from the plural of Kando which means the beehive. The interesting thing is that people here have been living in these nest-like houses not for one or two years but for the last 700 years. These people have been living in these houses for many generations.

Why are such houses built?

The early inhabitants of Kandovan came here to escape the invading Mongols. In fact, the panic of the Mongols was here for a long time. The ancestors here had built such houses in this remote area to save their lives from the onslaught of the Mongols.

To escape the invading Mongols, the ancestors of these people dug up the volcanic rocks and made them their permanent home.

Environment friendly

A special feature of these houses is that these houses remain friendly to the environment. Here there is a feeling of warmth in the winter season and coolness in the summer. This house looks very strange to see but is quite comfortable. The people of this 700-year-old village do not need a heater in winter and AC in summer.

Kandovan – becoming famous for tourism

Kandovan is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. The rock-cut houses present a wonderful sight for the tourists visiting here. The main occupation of the residents of Kandovan is agriculture and animal husbandry. This village has come to be recognized all over the world for its unique houses.

Now this village in Iran has taken the shape of a big town. The special thing is that most of these houses are four-storeyed. The main source of income for the people here is agriculture, and sheep rearing. But good income comes from tourism only. People here make and sell handicrafts. People have converted their homes into heritage hotels


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