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As a top global supplier of Business Support Systems (BSS), Subex Limited enables communications service providers (CSPs) to gain a competitive edge through business optimization, allowing them to increase their operational effectiveness and provide subscribers with better service.

subex news today
subex news today

The business invented the idea of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC), a centralised strategy that maintains financially sound growth and operational coordination.

According To BSE Subex Ltd. Share Price

52-WEEK HIGH74.45
52-WEEK LOW30.40
MKT CAP.(RS CR)1,948
BUY QTY2721.00
SELL QTY2397.00

Subex Ltd. Share Price target 2022 india:-

Their product line supports the ROC and its best-in-class solutions, including interconnect/inter-party settlement, revenue assurance, fraud control, credit risk management, cost management, and route optimization. According to Analysys Mason, Subex has been the industry leader in business optimization for four years running and also provides a scaleable Managed Services programme (2007 2008 2009 & 2010).

2030 target price for subex shares: -Business optimization comprises credit risk management, analytics, and fraud revenue assurance.

Projected price for subex shares in 2022: Together with Swisscom, the company received the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011 for creating the first effective Risk Reward Sharing model for Fraud Management in the sector. Over 200 clients from 70 different countries are served by the business. 26 of the top 50 largest telecoms service providers and 16 of the top 20 wireless operators in the globe are among their clients. In more than 70 countries, the company has more than 300 installations.

According To NSE Subex Ltd. Share Price 

subex ltd share price today
subex ltd share price today
EPS – TTM(%)[*S]0.25
P/E RATIO(X)[*S]138.20
P/B RATIO(%)[*S]3.94

At its facilities in Bangalore, the company conceptualises and creates software products with a focus on the telecom industry. They have offices in the US, Canada, UK, UAE, and India for sales and support. Australian and Singaporean. In 1994, Subex Ltd was established as a private limited company under the name Subex Systems.

In the year 1996, the business underwent a public limited company conversion. They released an initial public offering in July 1999. price of zomato shares The firm moved from marketing telecom hardware to developing telecom software in 1997.

At a total cost of Rs. 1589.57 lakh, the company purchased the intellectual property rights from PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc., receiver of the property assets, undertaking, and Magardi Inc., on behalf of Toronto-Dominion Bank and secured lenders, for the systems OUTsmartTM, a wireline fraud management system, and INchargeTM, an inter-carrier billing verification system.


Particulars ( Cr)DEC 2021DEC 2020% CHG
Net Sales87.7493.88-6.54
Other Income0.691.06-34.91
Total Income88.4394.94-6.86
Total Expenses79.7173.538.4
Operating Profit8.7221.41-59.27
Net Profit2.088.71-76.12
Equity Capital281281

Subex Ltd Financials Results Today Live

To support their expanding presence on the continent, the firm launched a new support facility in Johannesburg in April 2001. price of suzlon shares At the GSM Africa event in Cape Town, South Africa, in November 2001, they introduced their brand-new solution, eProficioTM – Electronic Business Support System (EBSS).

They also introduced RevMaxTM, a suite for revenue maximisation, during the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, in February 2002. Subex Technologies Ltd. was established by the firm in 2004–2005 as a fully owned subsidiary.

During the year, they purchased Fraud Management Group from Alcatel and Fraud Centurion from Lightbridge. They also introduced the RevMax suite around this time. The company purchased Mantas Inc.’s telecom fraud management division in the years 2005–2006.

Subex HyperSense Indian Technology AI
Subex HyperSense Indian Technology AI


R Systems Intl.261.001.443087.63
BLS Internat.234.65-0.212405.16
Black Box730.902.652398.08
Datamatics Glob.308.95-0.241820.95
Genesys Intl.578.00-1.261812.61
Expleo Solutions1677.301.121719.23

 Know More Information About Subex Ltd Peer Group

During this time, the business introduced the Revenue Operations Center (ROC) concept. Can I buy Subex? During the year, they also introduced their third product, ONtrack Subscriber Risk Management Solution. Subex Azure (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd and Subex Azure Inc. are the business’s two wholly owned subsidiaries.

On June 23, 2006, the company bought all of the shares of Azure Solutions Ltd. UK. With effect from June 23, 2006, the company’s name was changed from Subex Systems Ltd to Subex Azure Ltd as a result of the acquisition of Azure Solutions Ltd. On April 1, 2007, the business purchased Syndesis Ltd. in Canada, a business operating in the telecom services sector’s service assurance and fulfilment domain.

Subex share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030
Subex Ltd. Share Price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

SUBEX LTD – 1 Weak To 3 Year How Much RETURNS

1 Week-2.12%-1.84%1.48%1.46%
1 Month-5.86%-5.59%4.07%4.19%
3 Month-35.66%-35.53%1.29%1.70%
6 Month-32.59%-32.39%-0.99%-0.69%
1 Year-3.89%-3.62%16.76%17.86%
3 Year826.27%831.45%51.37%50.53%

Syndesis Ltd was renamed Subex Americas Inc. as a result of the acquisition. Subex Technologies Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Subex Technologies Ltd during the 2007–2008 fiscal year when the services business of Subex Ltd., together with its interests in Subex Technologies Inc., were transferred to Subex Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary firm.

With effect from December 1, 2007, the company’s name was changed from Subex Azure Ltd to Subex Ltd during this time.

Subex Ltd. Share Price
Subex Ltd. Share Price

Additionally, as of December 12th, 2007, they changed the name of their subsidiary from Subex Azure (UK) Ltd to Subex (UK) Ltd. The company was awarded a contract by Fintur Group in April 2008 to provide Fraud Management solutions to all group entities.

The business unveiled their WiMAX-enabled Syndesis express solution in May 2008. BSE share price for subex To assist expanding operators in quickly developing their revenue management capabilities and realising instant ROI, they introduced Rapid Mobile Solution in September 2008. The business and Econet Wireless Kenya agreed to a deal in November 2008 for the provision of their revenue operations centre.


Today’s Low/High31.1035.30
Week Low/High30.4037.00
Month Low/High30.4039.00
YEAR Low/High30.4074.00
All TIME Low/High2.80803.00

In order to offer next-generation IP and DSL services, including virtual private networks (VPN), virtual local area networks (VLAN), and multi-protocol label switching, the company formed an association with Telecom Italia in February 2009. (MPLS).

Additionally, they collaborated in the area of fraud management with Swisscom. The company and JSC “Company TransTeleKom,” one of the top three fixed network providers in Russia, announced a reseller agreement in March 2009 under which the two businesses will work together to offer managed services for fraud management and revenue assurance to developing operators in Russia.

Price of subex nse shares, the dormant subsidiaries of Subex Americas Inc., 2101874 Ontario Inc., Subex Azure (GB) Ltd., and Subex Azure (Ireland) Limited, were shut down in the 2009–2010 fiscal year. Additionally, Subex Azure Holdings Inc’s two subsidiaries, Subex Azure (US) Inc and Subex Azure (Delaware) Inc, were combined into its holding company.

Version 7.0 of the company’s market-leading Revenue Operations Centre (ROC) Data Integrity Management Solution was released in May 2011. They introduced a new iteration of its market-leading Revenue Operations Center (ROC) Revenue Assurance Version 4.1 in June 2011. The company and NetCracker inked an asset purchase agreement in September 2011 for the sale of the company’s Activation business. The Service Fulfillment solution is part of the Activation business that is being sold off (NetProvisioning NetOptimizer and Vector).

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What is the future of Subex share?

At 2022-03-29, the Subex Ltd. quote is equivalent to 31.550 INR. The “Subex Ltd” stock price prediction for 2027-03-19 is 119.939 INR based on our projections; a long-term growth is anticipated. The revenue with a 5-year investment is anticipated to be around +280.16 percent.

Is Subex Ltd a good buy?

Subex Ltd’s financial performance during the previous 10 years, the company is of below average quality.

Is Subex a good buy for long term?

So you can make long-term investments in this company. Up until 2030, you can easily earn a return of 10% annually. When I bought this stock three years ago, it was trading around the same levels at an average price of 13.85. Because the promoters’ investment in the company is so small, forecasting its future is quite difficult.

Is Microsoft Buying Subex?

Subex Systems is buying UK-based Azure Solutions for $140 million (about Rs 620 crore) in the largest overseas purchase by an Indian software company.

Why did Subex fall in 2007?

The deal went sour in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis when Syndesis clients didn’t place orders as anticipated, making it appear overpriced and driving down the price of Subex stock, which was beaten down to as low as Rs. 18 in mid-March 2009 from an all-time high of Rs. 803 in mid-January 2007.

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