Temple In Kolkata Serves Noodles As Prasad!


Noodles As Prasad: India is famous for its diversity in culture and religions, where everyone celebrates their traditions in their own unique way. Laddu or any other sweet is found in most of the offerings in temples. But have you ever seen noodles as prasad in temples? If not then let’s know through this post,

Temple In Kolkata Serves Noodles As Prasad!
Noodles As Prasad?

Temple In Kolkata Serves Noodles As Prasad!

Actually, there is a temple in Kolkata, West Bengal which is known as the ‘Chinese Kali Mandir’. This temple is located on Matheshwartala Road in Kolkata in the Tangra area, also known as ‘China Town’. Here laddoos or sweets are not offered as prasad, but Chinese food (Noodles As Prasad) items are given.

The temple looks like other temples in India and what makes it unique is the prasad which is first offered to the goddess and later distributed among the devotees. Chinese dishes like noodles, chop suey, fried rice, and many other dishes are also offered to Goddess Kali in this temple.

According to the local people, for 60 years, before the construction of the temple, there was no temple there, there was only a tree under which some stones were lying and people worshiped by applying vermilion on these stones.

With the passage of time, this place changed and a temple was made by installing the idol of Maa Kali here. A special feature of this 60-year-old temple is that apart from the people of Hinduism, Chinese people also come here. About 20 years ago, people from the Bengali and Chinese communities built this temple.

A 10-year-old Chinese boy is said to have fallen seriously ill and no treatment was working. When there was no hope of his survival, his parents put him under a tree and prayed for several nights.

The boy was miraculously cured and this spiritual place became an important part of the Hindus as well as the Chinese community.


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