Top 7 Life Insurance Companies in India

Life Insurance Companies in India

Life Insurance Companies in India

In India, there are 24 life insurance companies that offer life insurance coverage. Life insurance is a contract between an individual and an insurance company in which the insurance company promises to pay a death benefit to the life assured’s family in the event of the life assured’s untimely death within the policy’s term.

You must find an insurance provider you can trust before purchasing a life insurance policy. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, it is critical to choose the correct insurance provider. When it comes to choosing a decent life insurance provider, the claim settlement ratio is crucial.

Companies that provide life insurance

In the unfortunate case of untimely death, life insurance is a contract between an individual and an insurance company in which the latter commits to pay a sum assured (death benefit) to the insured’s family.

In the event of no death, a sum promised known as the maturity benefit is paid out at the policy’s maturity. Some insurance companies also provide critical illness coverage as an add-on. In India, there are now 24 insurance companies that offer life insurance coverage.

Top 7 Life Insurance Companies in India

The following is a list of India’s top seven life insurance companies:

Max Life Insurance Company [ Life Insurance Companies in India ]

Max Life Insurance Company was created in the year 2000 and is one of India’s leading life insurance firms. This life insurance company’s main goal is to provide appropriate financial strength to its subscribers, thus it offers a variety of life insurance policies, such as child insurance, long-term savings, protection, investment, and various other group solutions, among others.

All of Max Life’s insurance policies are packed with advantages and critical features that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

HDFC Life Insurance Company

Standard Life Aberdeen PLC and Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited have teamed up to form HDFC Life Insurance Company. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where it commenced operations in the year 2000. Customers can choose from a variety of life insurance products, including protection plans, pension plans, women’s plans, child plans, health plans, and so on. [Life Insurance Companies in India]

This life insurance firm offers a variety of products tailored specifically for women and children. Additional riders to the insurance can be added by the policyholder to improve the coverage. Furthermore, the HDFC Life insurance business assures claim payout in one day, taking into account numerous restrictions and limitations in order to make the entire claim settlement process easier for the disadvantaged.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company

AIA Group Ltd and Tata Sons Pvt Ltd formed a joint venture to create this life insurance firm. It is a well-known life insurance firm that was founded in 2001. Tata AIA has a customer-centric strategy and offers a variety of life insurance products to satisfy the demands of its policyholders in the future. [Life Insurance Companies in India]

Wealth plans, savings plans, and protection plans are just a few of the key insurance products they offer.

Pramerica Life Insurance

The Prudential International Insurance Holdings Limited and Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited collaborated to develop Pramerica Life Insurance Company. In 2013, they began their operations in the life insurance sector. The insurance company has 138 locations across the United States. [Life Insurance Companies in India]

It offers a variety of life insurance plans for both groups and individuals. All of these insurance products are tailored to meet the individual needs of policyholders, such as retirement planning, child protection, wealth growth, and savings.

Exide Life Insurance Company

This life insurance firm has a customer-centric strategy and currently serves over 15 lakh customers across the country. They are headquartered in Bengaluru and have over 200 branches across the country, with over 45,000 advisors to assist them. [Life Insurance Companies in India]

Exide life insurance distributes their products through a variety of network channels, including agency, bancassurance, corporate agency, agency, broking, and direct channels. They offer a wide range of insurance policies, including savings, investment, protection, and retirement plans, among others.

Reliance Life Insurance Company

Reliance The partnership between Reliance Capital and Nippon Life resulted in the formation of Nippon Life Insurance Company. It began operations in 2001 and is regarded as one of the most popular life insurance firms among policyholders. They’ve been known to sell insurance to over ten million people. [ Life Insurance Companies in India]

In fact, it is believed to be one of the largest non-bank funded life insurance firms among private insurance companies at the moment. Retirement, protection, child, health, investment, and saving are the five primary insurance areas that the organization deals with for both individuals and corporate or group entities.

Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company

This insurance firm was formed as a joint venture between three financial institutions: Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, and HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited. They offer a wide range of insurance policies to their customers that are tailored to their specific needs, and they also have a large network throughout India. [Life Insurance Companies in India ]

Savings plans, health insurance plans, term insurance plans, and child insurance plans are among the insurance products they offer.

Life Insurance Companies in India

Best Life Insurance Companies in India

Following is the list of best life insurance companies in India:

Life Insurance CompanyClaim Settlement Ratio 2020-21
Max Life Insurance99.35%
Aegon Life Insurance99.25%
Bharti Axa Life Insurance99.05%
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)98.62%
Dhfl Pramerica Life Insurance98.61%
Exide Life Insurance98.54%
Kotak Life Insurance98.50%
Reliance Life Insurance98.49%
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance98.48%
PNB MetLife Insurance98.17%
Tata AIA Life Insurance98.02%
HDFC Life Insurance98.01%
Aviva India Life Insurance98.01%
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance97.90%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance98.04%
Sahara India Life Insurance97.18%
Canara HSBC Life Insurance97.10%
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance97.01%
IndiaFirst Life Insurance96.81%
Daiichi Life Insurance95.96%
Shriram Life Insurance95.12%
Ageas Federal Life Insurance95.07%
Future Generali Life Insurance94.86%
SBI Life Insurance93.09%

(Source: IRDAI Annual Report – Claim Settlement Ratio for the year 2020-21)

In India, How Do You Pick The Right Life Insurance Companies in India?

It is critical to select an insurance plan that meets both an individual’s insurance needs and their financial constraints. However, one should not be swayed by inexpensive rates when purchasing an insurance plan; instead, one should conduct thorough research on the insurance business and determine their insurance needs before purchasing a life insurance policy. [Life Insurance Companies in India]

There are many different life insurance companies to choose from. Here are some things to think about before deciding on one:

1 . Claim Settlement Ratio: An insurance company’s claim settlement ratio, or CSR, reflects its effectiveness and dependability. An insurance company’s claim settlement ratio compares the number of claims settled throughout the financial year to the total number of claims.

This ratio can be used to determine how active an insurance firm is in terms of claim settlement. The high claim settlement ratio of the insurance business demonstrates the organization’s commitment to claim settlement.

This symbolises the insurance company’s commitment to its consumers. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority examines an insurance company’s claim settlement ratio (IRDA).

2. Customer Service: When selecting an insurance plan, customer service is a crucial thing to consider. An individual should always choose an insurance company that offers excellent customer service.

When obtaining a life insurance policy, customers should keep in mind that customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions and provide assistance.

3. Riders’ Availability: Life Insurance Riders are extra benefits provided by an insurance company at the time of purchase of life insurance policies. They are purchased as part of a plan, which raises the premium and increases the life insurance coverage.

Always check to see whether the insurance company offers riders or if there is an opportunity to add riders to the policy. Critical Illness Rider, Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Accidental Total or Permanent Disability Rider, and Waiver of Premium Rider are some of the most frequent riders issued by insurance carriers. With these optional additional riders available, a person can make better selections by selecting the most appropriate plan and rider.

4. Company Persistency Ratio: The persistency ratio of a company shows how many policyholders have renewed their life insurance policy with the same insurance company. The number of policyholders who renewed their policies divided by the total number of policyholders. The company’s persistency ratio reflects how satisfied customers are with their insurance provider. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority keeps track of an insurance company’s persistency ratio (IRDA).

5. Consumer Feedback and Reviews: In most cases, an applicant does not pay attention to the consumer feedback and reviews that an insurance firm receives. Always read the company’s comments/reviews and keep an eye out for any complaints or negative feedback. This should provide the applicant an idea of which insurance company is better than others and whether or not they should choose that insurance company.


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