12 High Quality Stocks That Are Near 52-week Lows, Should You Buy?

Over the previous week, markets have recovered a little, but they are still well below 52-week highs.

Several stocks are trading near 52-week lows as a result of the procedure. Take a look at a few examples of such stocks.

Should you buy these firms’ stock if they’re trading around 52-week lows?

We have no reservations in recommending that some of the stocks listed above be purchased.

While all of these firms have a strong track record of paying out dividends, some are more appealing

because of their prices, while others are more appealing because of their fundamentals.

Take, for example, LIC. The stock was initially issued at a price of Rs 949 and is now trading at Rs 811.

The company’s valuations on numerous indicators are significantly higher than those of private sector peers.

Tata Communications is another wonderful stock to buy. Around 30% of the world’s internet routes are carried by the corporation