5 Best Infrastructure ETFs to Buy

After President Biden swept into office in November 2020,  one of the first big agenda items was a massive infrastructure spending bill

It took a lot longer than some had hoped, but a year later in November 2021 Congress finally passed a $1 trillion spending package

and the president signed it into law

It's important to note, however, that the final package did not include some items  on the original spending agenda targeting so-called "social infrastructure

including health care or education." That left a traditional infrastructure bill that was focused on roads, bridges and similar items.

As the money starts to roll out of Washington and into local communities this year

investors who want to tap into this spending should consider the following infrastructure exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, to play this trend:

1. Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF (ticker: PAVE) 2. iShares Global Infrastructure ETF (IGF) 3. FlexShares STOXX Global Broad Infrastructure Index Fund (NFRA) 4. iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (IFRA) 5. First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund (GRID)

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