7 Best Adani Stocks to Watch Out For in 2022

Adani stocks seem to be ruling the stock markets in 2022. Adani group companies like Adani Power Ltd. is up by nearly 187% in the last one yea

Adani Green Energy Ltd. is also up by 162% in the last one year. Another popular Adani stock is Adani Wilmar Ltd, which is a joint venture between Adani Enterprises Ltd. and Wilmar International Ltd.

This Adani stock has rallied by 170% in the last one year.

Adani stocks are the primary reasons why Gautam Adani is now the fifth richest man on the planet! Yes, Gautam Adani has a networth of USD 121 Billion in April 2022

This makes him richer than Warren Buffett and even Mukesh Ambani!

Now there are a total of seven Adani stocks listed in the stock market

Adani stocks are highly liquid, volatile and experience wide fluctuations in prices, making them perfect for traders

Here is the list of Adani stocks currently listed on the Indian stock exchanges.

Adani Stock #1: Adani Green Energy Ltd

Adani Stock #2: Adani Transmission Ltd

Adani Stock #3: Adani Total Gas Ltd.

Adani Stock #4: Adani Enterprises Ltd

Adani Stock #5:  Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd.

Adani Stock #6:  Adani Power Ltd.

Adani Stock #7:  Adani Wilmar Ltd.

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