Achieved target of ethanol blending 5 months before deadline: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Sunday that India had met its goal of mixing 10% ethanol into gasoline

five months ahead of schedule. PM Narendra Modi underlined actions taken by his government to safeguard nature

during the 'Save Soil Movement' program, which coincided with World Environment Day, adding India is making significant efforts

 for environmental protection even though India's contributions to carbon emissions are low.

PM Modi stated that the many campaigns conducted by the Centre as part of India's multi-faceted efforts are assisting in environmental conservation.

"Many government programs promote environmental preservation.

Swachh Bharat Mission, Namai Gange, or One Sun, One Grid are just a few examples. 

India's efforts are numerous. The developed world is the source of the most carbon emissions "According to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the significance of "Soil Health Cards" in transforming farmers' mindsets

He stated that when farmers in the country were unaware of soil health, a massive push was started to provide them with soil health certificates.

"Natural farming along the Ganga river corridor will be promoted, as indicated in this year's Budget.