Best Blue Chip Stocks Of India

Bluechip stocks are high-quality stocks that belong to companies that are well-established, large, well-known, and have been in the market for decades.

The term "blue chip stocks" is derived from the card game "poker," in which the blue betting disc or "chip" has the highest value.

The term "blue chip" is used to describe the "highest-valued stock."

Some of them are dividend-paying stocks with high yields.

A blue-chip stock is either the market leader in its sector or one of the top three in terms of market capitalization.

following are top Blue-Chip Stocks that you should consider before investing anywhere else.

1. Asian Paints

Asian Paints is a furniture-furnishing-paints sector company. The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹3,06,813 crore.

The price of one share of the company is ₹3,158.60 in the BSE market and ₹3,159.60 in the NSE market.

Asian Paints was established in the year 1945

PROS – Company is almost debt free. – Company is expected to give good quarter – Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 25.84% – Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 52.57%

CONS – Stock is trading at 21.28 times its book value

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