5 Best Mid Cap Equity Mutual Funds

An equity fund is a mutual fund that invests principally in stocks.

It can be actively or passively (index fund) managed. These are also known as stock funds.

Equity Funds should be the vehicle of choice when Investing for long-term goals

as they have created huge profits for investors in the past few years

But as there is a wide choice before investors, choosing the right equity fund becomes critical.

With right qualitative and quantitative measures, one can ideally choose the best equity Mutual Funds to invest.

Here are 5 Best Mid Cap Equity Mutual Funds

1. Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund Growth 2. Kotak Bluechip Fund Growth 3. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Growth 4. BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund Growth 5. SBI Bluechip Fund Growth

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