Best Stocks for Intraday Trading now in India 2022

Intraday trading means a trader is buying and selling shares or other trading instruments on the same day to benefit from the stock price movement during the day.

In short, a trader closes his open trades before the closing of the trading session. He does not carry any overnight risk that can affect his profits.

There has been a sharp surge in intraday trading volumes in recent years due to rising number of demat accounts.

The trading costs have reduced drastically as discount brokers charge only nominal fee compared to traditional brokers.

Intraday trading got a booster during the Covid-19 lockdowns as well. People who were restricted to their homes picked up day trading as a source for generating income.

Intraday trading is possible in any segment whether it is cash, futures and options (F&O), commodity or currency derivatives.

One can also take leveraged positions in stocks that are not available in F&O segment.

List of Best Intraday Stocks to Buy now in India

Tata Motors Limited

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