Biden officials prepare to blow up Trump’s

Biden officials prepare to blow up Trump’s

rules on sexual misconduct in schools

rules on sexual misconduct in schools

A Biden administration plan to overhaul how schools respond to sexual misconduct complaints

and extend federal protections to some of the most vulnerable students is coming as soon as this month

— and partisan combat is certain to follow in its wake.

Along with casting off many Trump-era guidelines Biden officials say are too arduous for assault victims, Education Secretary

Miguel Cardona is expected to codify safeguards for transgender students for the first time, handling both issues in the same rule.

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By revising Title IX, the federal education law that prohibits sex-based discrimination, Cardona

will be undoing a key legacy of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

He’ll also be leaving his own mark on what is perhaps the agency’s most closely watched initiative and its biggest legal target.



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