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Kangana Ranaut's film Dhaaakad is struggling to mint money at the box office.

The action-packed film, which was released on May 20 has been able to earn around ₹3 crore so far.

As per a report by Bollywood Hungama, Dhaakad only collected ₹4,420 on Day

Yes, you read it right, the movie has collected Rupees Four Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty

at the box office as only 20 tickets got purchased in a day.

Directed by Razneesh Razy Ghai, the film Dhaakad is a spy thriller that also stars Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta.

Dhaakad is among the costliest female led film of Hindi cinema and if we sit back to count the losses, it would be among the biggest loss makers of all time.

The movie featured Arjun Rampal as the villain, but, has sank without trace as lifetime total of the film is under Rs. 3 crores.

The run was so poor through the weekend that most places discontinued the film from Monday itself.

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