Highest performing penny stock: 2022

2021 was an amazing year for investors.

In 2021, we saw a sharp upsurge in midcaps, small caps, and notably penny stocks. Several penny stocks delivered eye popping gains.

2022 has been no different. You are probably thinking that there's something wrong here. After all, 2022 could not have had a worse start.

You see, indeed, 2022 has not been kind to investors.

But, our focus here is on penny stocks. And you could be excused for not believing that penny stocks have been on a roll in 2022.

here are  Highest performing penny stock: 2022


Garg Furnace Limited is an iron and steel sector company

The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹18 crores.

The price of one share of the company is ₹ 43.35 in the BSE market and is not listed on the NSE market

PROS – Company is almost debt free. – Stock is trading at 1.16 times its book value – Company is expected to give good quarter – Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 20.34%

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