How to earn Rs-1 lakh Dividend per year

Often retail investors like us, while investing in any company check whether the company is paying dividends on regular basis or not

If a company is consistently paying dividends to its shareholders

it is a huge positive factor for the company and reflects its stability

An important financial ratio we use when we analyze a company

we will talk about the top 5 companies whose yield dividend is the highest

After that, we will tell you that approximately how many shares will be bought in all companies

to earn 1 lakh rupees every year as a dividend. (Earn Rs-1 lakh in dividends every year)

To calculate the total number of shares we multiply their dividend yield by the share price we get the value of dividend per share.

With the help of dividend per share, we have calculated that how many shares you have to buy in companies to earn a dividend of Rs-1 lakh.

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