LPG cylinder prices June 1, 2022: 19 KG commercial cylinder cheaper

LPG Cylinder Prices June 1, 2022: There is relief news for the common man struggling with inflation

State-owned oil companies review the prices of LPG cylinders on the first of every month and the latest news

is that there has been a drastic reduction in the prices for the month of June.

Commercial LPG cylinder (19 KG LPG cylinder) has become cheaper by Rs 135.

From June 1, a 19 kg commercial cylinder will become cheaper by Rs 135.

The price of 19 kg commercial cylinder has now come down from Rs 2,354 per cylinder to Rs 2,219 in Delhi.

At the same time, 19 kg cylinder in Kolkata will now be sold for Rs 2,322 instead of Rs 2,454, in Kolkata for Rs 2,306 instead of Rs 2,171.50.

In Mumbai and Chennai, its price has come down from Rs 2,507 to Rs 2,373.

The prices of both domestic and commercial LPG cylinders in the country were increased on May 19.

This was the second time in the month that the prices were hiked.




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