Meaning of Stock Or Share

What is a Stock or a Share?

Many people today see words like stock marketing and stock only in news or newspapers.

Even today many people fear that investing money in stock marketing means loss.

And this is also because people do not have complete knowledge of stock marketing, people are worried that their money will get stuck

So, today we will give you full information about what is stock and what is stock marketing. (What is Share Marketing)

What is a Stock or a Share

Stock is a general term used to describe the ownership of any company.

Stock represents a claim on a company’s assets and earnings.

As you acquire more stock, your ownership stake in the company becomes higher.

Shares, equity, or stock, all mean basically the same thing.

lets learn share or stock with an example:

It all starts with a company, such as a private company, for example, the name of the company is ABC,

which means that the company is wholly owned by the promoters. Apart from this, the company ABC is a production company and is doing well in its field.

Now the owners want to expand their company to new cities and also do new research and development in their area for growth. And for all these the company needs capital (money).

Now, let us see the options available to the owners to get the required capital.

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