Stock Market: Bull Market V/S Bear Market

It’s likely you’ve heard the term “bear market” and “bull market” being used as context to what’s happening in the stock market.

A bull market is occurring when the economy is expanding

and the stock market is gaining value

while a bear market is in effect when the economy is shrinking

and the stock market is losing value

important points about bull market:

– A bull market always denotes a rising position of the market and a bear market denotes a falling position of the market where the prices of most of the shares in the market started declining.

– Some investors in the market prefer the bear market and get benefits from doing short selling in the bear market, but most of the investors in the stock market support the bull market. And if the history of the stock market over the last few years is seen, then you will see that the market is bullish (increasing).

– A bear market is considered fatal for investing because during this time there is a lot of fluctuation in the prices of the shares.

important points about bear market:

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