These are the 5 upcoming stock market leaders

If you want to create wealth then investing in log run is one of the easiest way to do so

but investing in the right company is equally important as well

So today we have listed the top 5 stocks that are potentially the upcoming Stock market leaders.

If you want to create wealth in the future, consider these stocks before investing anywhere else

2. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited (Hindustan Unilever) is a company in the personal products sector

The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹ 5,31,841 crore

The price of one share of the company is ₹2,325.50 in BSE market and ₹2,325.95 in NSE market

PROS – Company is going to be debt free soon. – Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 28.42% – Company has maintained a good dividend payout of 96.35%

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