5 Long Term Stocks

A long-term investment strategy is one that entails holding investments for more than a full year.

This strategy includes holding assets like bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and more

Individuals who take a long-term approach require discipline and patience

That's because investors must be able to take on a certain amount of risk while they wait for higher rewards down the road.

Here we have listed the best stocks to invest in for the long term

these companies have some of the best fundamentals so far, so investing in these companies is less risky as well.

1. Bajaj Auto Finance Limited

Bajaj Auto Finance Limited (Bajaj Finance) is a company in the finance (including NBFC) sector.

The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹3,83,896 crore.

The price of one share of the company is ₹6,311.10 in the BSE market and ₹6,309.45 in the NSE market. The company was established in the year 1987

PROS – Company is almost debt free. – Stock is providing a good dividend yield of 3.84%. – Company is expected to give good quarter – Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 71.91%

CONS – The company has delivered a poor sales growth of 8.79% over past five years. – Earnings include an other income of Rs.2680.18 Cr.

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