the top 7 companies owned by tata group


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POSTED BY: Ranjeet Kumar PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 22

1. Tata Consultancy service TCS offers a broad range of commercial, technological, and technical services and solutions, with consulting at its core. One of Tata's biggest businesses is this one.

2. Tata Steel Limited Tata Steel is the second-largest steel producer in Europe. The biggest steel firms in the world are owned by Tata Steel.

3. Tata Motors Limited With operations in more than 175 nations, Tata Motors is among the largest automakers in the world.

4. Titan Company Limited The fifth-largest integrated own-label watch maker in the world is Titan. Underserved markets have been entered by Titan.

5. Tata Chemicals Limited The business ranks third globally in the production of soda ash and sixth globally in the production of sodium bicarbonate.

6. Tata Power Company Limited The whole value chain of conventional and renewable energy, as well as next-generation client solutions, are covered by Tata Power.

7. Indian Hotels Company Limited The largest organisation in South Asia that focuses on hospitality and has authentic Indian origins is IHCL.

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