$700 million credit for Adani Transmission


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POSTED BY: Ranjeet Kumar PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 22

Adani Transmission’s $700 million revolving facility has been tagged as green loan by Sustainalytics.

In terms of the green loan structure, this offers the revolving facility confidence. (tata teleservices)

Gujarat and Maharashtra are the two states where the $700 million revolving facility's initiatives are being carried out. 

These initiatives in Gujarat are a part of the Green Energy Corridor Projects (GEC) of the Indian government, which are intended to transport and evacuate renewable energy.

The projects in Maharashtra are designed to improve grid stability and provide a robust transmission network

 which would encourage a bigger proportion of renewable energy in the overall grid mix and increase the penetration of green energy to end users.

Adani Transmission is a holding company.  The business carries out electricity transmission. It deals in castor oil commerce and electric energy transmission.