These stocks have the highest CAGR return in past 10 years

Indian market clocked fresh record highs in no time

and many investors felt left out as the indices raced ahead in a short duration.

But, the rally may not be over

and investors should use every dip to get into quality stocks.

The stocks mentioned are all high earnings growth companies

and also considered as wealth-generating stocks.

If someone is looking for stable returns

then the given list of stocks is a good buy even at current levels

Most stocks fall under the bracket of ‘quality’

and high earnings growth companies

thus command a higher premium, say experts

these are tp 10 stocks with highest CAGR return in past 10 years

1. Bajaj Auto Finance Limited

Bajaj Auto Finance Limited is a company in the finance sector.

The total valuation of the company is ₹3,83,896 crore.

The company was established in the year 1987

The company’s net profit stood at Rs 4,881.12 crore

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