Top 5 ASX growth stocks to watch in 2022

ASX growth stocks could soon be hot commodities.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is fighting lower inflation than its counterparts in the UK, US and EU

and is likely to keep interest rates lower for longer

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has been neglected by newer investors in recent years.

But the ASX Ltd, comprised of the 200 largest Australian companies by market cap is now at 1,418 points

urpassing its pre-pandemic value

And in the past year alone, it’s risen by 13%.

Top ASX growth stocks

1) GQG Partners (ASX: GQG) 2) 29Metals (ASX: 29M) 3) NextGen Energy (ASX: NXG) 4) Judo Capital Holdings (ASX: JDO) 5) Airtasker (ASX: ART) 

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