How to Profit From Inflation

For consumers, inflation means higher prices on goods and services, and the risk of a loss of purchasing power if their income fails to keep up

Conversely, a decline in prices is known as deflation.

Sharp deviations from a modest inflation rate in either direction present challenges for investors as well as consumers

That's because they have the potential for significant economic disruption.

While inflation's effects on the economy and asset values can be unpredictable, history and economics offer some rules of thumb

Inflation is most damaging to the value of fixed-rate debt securities Longer-term fixed rate debt is more vulnerable to inflation than short-term debt

The assets that fare best under inflation are those assured of bringing in more cash or rising in value as inflation increases

here are the 5 Ways To Profit From Inflation

1. Real Estate 2. Commodities 3. Bonds 4. Stocks 5. Loans/Debt Obligations

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