Why BJP selected Draupadi as presidential candidate


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POSTED BY: Ranjeet Kumar PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 22

According to the Constitution, the prime minister, who is the majority leader in the Lok Sabha, has executive authority. 

With a huge majority, Narendra Modi is seated comfortably in that chair. The BJP, however, takes the choice of presidential candidates very seriously.

The selection of Droupadi Murmu by the party has an apparent justification: Her positively unique identity. 

She is a member of a tribal group. She is connected with "empowering the underprivileged, disadvantaged, and especially the marginalised,

PM Modi said. In an effort to extend its support base, the BJP has picked Murmu at a time when several tribal leaders

and organizations have called for the segregation of India's tribes from Hindus in the 2018 Census. 

 Their argument that because different tribes practice different religions, each one should have its own "Sarna religion code" is gaining support.