What is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth?

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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth?


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a Midas-touch investor, is frequently referred to be India’s Warren Buffet. He is a chartered accountant as well as a dealer. Jhunjhunwala is the 48th richest man in the country, according to Forbes’ Rich List. He is the chairman of Hungama Media and Aptech, as well as a board member of Viceroy Hotels, Concord Biotech, Provogue India, and Geojit Financial Services. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Net Worth:$1.5 Billion
Date of Birth:Jul 5, 1960 (61 years old)
Profession:Stock trader, Investor, Film Producer

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s journey to become the Dalal street tycoon

When Jhunjhunwala was in college, he began dabbling in the stock market. He enrolled at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, but after earning his degree, he decided to go straight down Dalal Street. Jhunjhunwala began with a capital investment of Rs 5,000 in 1985. That capital had grown to Rs 11,000 crore by September 2018.

After hearing his father discuss the financial market with his friends, Jhunjhunwala became interested in it. Jhunjhunwala said his father advised him to read newspapers on a regular basis because it was the news that caused the stock market to move. While his father permitted him to participate in the stock market, he refused to lend him money and prevented him from borrowing money from friends. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

Jhunjhunwala, on the other hand, was a risk taker from the outset. He borrowed money from his brother’s clients with the promise of returning the money with higher returns than bank fixed deposits.

In 1986, he made his first significant profit when he purchased 5,000 shares of Tata Tea for Rs 43, and the value increased to Rs 143 in three months. He made a profit of more than three times his investment. He made between 20 and 25 lakh in three years. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

Jhunjhunwala has made successful investments in Titan, CRISIL, Sesa Goa, Praj Industries, Aurobindo Pharma, and NCC over the years. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

His stock prices dropped by 30% following the global financial crisis of 2008, but he rebounded by 2012.

Personal life and education of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

On July 5, 1960, Jhunjhunwala was born. His father worked as an Income Tax Officer in Mumbai, where he grew up. He registered at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India after graduating from Sydenham College in 1985. Rekha Jhunjunwala, who is also a stock market investor, is his wife. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

Jhunjhunwala has never lost faith in his country, viewing its issues as temporary roadblocks that will be overcome in time. So far, he has predicted the return of a bull market and continues to encourage export-oriented industries such as pharmaceuticals. One of his main areas of interest is drugmaker Lupin, which he bought stock in over a decade ago.
He also continues to invest in mid-cap companies in industries including media, outsourcing, and housing finance that he believes are undervalued. [Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth]

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, as a partner in his asset management firm, Rare Enterprises, has been managing his own portfolio on his own. He chose to buy 20 racehorses, which he co-owns with pals, in the previous two years after discovering a new enthusiasm for horse racing. He recently added to his property portfolio by paying $28 million on six apartments in a south Mumbai complex.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Net Worth?

The investments of Jhunjhunwala

RARE Enterprises, a privately held stock trading firm, is controlled by Jhunjhunwala. Titan, CRISIL, Aurobindo Pharma, Praj Industries, NCC, Aptech Limited, Ion Exchange, MCX, Fortis Healthcare, Lupin, VIP Industries, Geojit Financial Services, Rallis India, Jubilant Life Sciences, and others are among the companies in which he has made investments.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. ALSO READ- Who is Shinzo Abe? 7 Facts ex-PM Shinzo Abe & Net Worth in INR.

With a net worth of $3 billion, Jhunjhunwala is India’s 48th richest man.


Nutrition and education are two of his charitable interests. Jhunjhunwala intends to donate 25% of his fortune to charity by the year 2020. He donates to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Agastya International Foundation, and Arpan, an organization that works to raise awareness about sexual exploitation among children.

He also contributes to Ashoka University, the Friends of Tribals Society, and the Olympic Gold Quest. He is currently constructing an eye hospital in Navi Mumbai that will do 15,000 free eye surgery.

rakesh jhunjhunwala portfolio 2022

STOCKHOLDING VALUE (RS.)QTY HELDMAR 2022 CHANGE %MAR 2022 HOLDING %DEC 2021 %SEP 2021 %JUN 2021 %MAR 2021 %DEC 2020 %SEP 2020 %JUN 2020 %MAR 2020 %HISTORY
Jubilant Pharmova Ltd.422.9 Cr10,770,0000.5%6.8%6.3%6.3%6.3%6.3%5.8%5.7%5.1%4.4%
Canara Bank751.5 Cr35,597,4000.4%2.0%1.6%1.6%
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.73.6 Cr6,000,0000.2%1.3%1.1%1.1%2.2%
Anant Raj Ltd.53.7 Cr10,000,0000%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%3.4%
Agro Tech Foods Ltd.167.1 Cr2,003,2590%8.2%8.2%8.2%8.2%8.2%8.0%8.0%5.1%5.8%
Autoline Industries Ltd.11.1 Cr1,751,2330%4.6%4.6%4.6%4.6%5.7%5.7%6.2%6.5%
D B Realty Ltd.40.2 Cr5,000,0000%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.82.5 Cr15,125,0000%1.6%1.6%1.6%1.6%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.0%
Federal Bank Ltd.682.6 Cr75,721,0600%3.7%3.7%3.7%2.8%2.4%2.4%2.7%3.2%3.1%
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.768.6 Cr31,950,0000%4.2%4.2%4.2%4.3%4.3%4.0%2.7%2.7%2.7%
Geojit Financial Services Ltd.90.3 Cr18,037,5000%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%7.6%
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.0%1.1%1.1%1.1%1.1%
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.173.8 Cr35,983,5160%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.5%4.2%
Man Infraconstruction Ltd.40.2 Cr4,500,0000%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%
National Aluminium Company Ltd.230.6 Cr25,000,0000%1.4%1.4%1.4%
NCC Ltd.503.7 Cr78,333,2660%12.8%12.8%12.8%12.8%12.8%12.8%12.1%11.5%10.2%
Orient Cement Ltd.31.2 Cr2,500,0000%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%1.2%
Prozone Intu Properties Ltd.7.5 Cr3,150,0000%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%
Rallis India Ltd.383.6 Cr19,068,3200%9.8%9.8%9.8%9.9%9.9%9.9%10.3%10.3%9.9%
Tata Communications Ltd.293.8 Cr3,075,6870%1.1%1.1%1.1%1.0%1.0%1.1%
Tata Motors Ltd.1,695.2 Cr39,250,0000%1.2%1.2%1.1%1.1%1.3%1.3%1.3%
Va Tech Wabag Ltd.129.8 Cr5,000,0000%8.0%8.0%8.0%8.0%8.0%8.0%8.0%
Bilcare Ltd.13.9 Cr1,997,9250%8.5%8.5%8.5%8.5%8.5%8.5%8.5%8.5%
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd.59.6 Cr5,000,0000%3.2%3.2%3.2%3.2%3.2%3.2%3.2%3.2%
Nazara Technologies Ltd.403.8 Cr3,294,3100%10.1%10.1%10.8%10.8%10.8%
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd.374.7 Cr7,520,0000%4.7%4.7%5.5%6.3%6.3%
Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd.7,141.4 Cr100,753,9350%17.5%17.5%
Metro Brands Ltd.2,265.2 Cr39,153,6000%14.4%14.4%
Crisil Ltd.1,404.8 Cr4,000,0000.0%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%5.5%
Delta Corp Ltd.414.8 Cr20,000,0000.0%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.4%7.4%
Indian Hotels Company Ltd.699.7 Cr30,016,9650.0%2.1%2.2%2.1%2.1%2.1%2.1%1.1%1.1%
Titan Company Ltd.9,886.9 Cr44,850,9700.0%5.1%5.1%4.9%4.8%5.1%5.3%5.5%5.5%5.5%
Aptech Ltd.226.9 Cr9,668,840-0.1%23.4%23.4%23.7%23.7%23.8%23.8%24.0%24.0%24.0%
Wockhardt Ltd.78.7 Cr3,000,005-0.2%2.1%2.3%2.3%2.3%2.3%2.3%
TV18 Broadcast Ltd.81.1 Cr20,000,000-0.3%1.2%1.5%2.0%2.0%2.6%2.5%2.5%2.1%2.1%
Escorts Ltd.Below 1%5.2%4.8%4.8%4.8%4.8%5.6%7.4%7.4%
Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Ltd.Below 1%1.1%1.8%1.4%
Firstsource Solutions Ltd.1.3%2.9%2.9%2.1%
GMR Infrastructure Ltd.1.4%1.4%1.4%1.4%
Lupin Ltd.1.6%1.6%1.6%1.5%1.5%1.5%
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.4.9%4.9%3.9%3.9%3.9%3.9%
Prakash Industries Ltd.1.4%1.4%1.4%1.5%1.5%1.5%1.5%
VIP Industries Ltd.2.3%5.3%5.3%5.3%5.3%
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.5.3%5.3%5.3%5.3%
The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.7.4%12.7%12.7%12.7%12.7%12.7%12.7%
Prakash Pipes Ltd.1.3%1.3%1.3%1.5%1.5%1.5%1.5%
TARC Ltd.1.6%3.4%3.4%3.4%


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