WhatsApp New Feature: Choose Who Can See You Online


Are you looking for WhatsApp New Feature? This month WhatsApp has announced 3 major changes and updates in Privacy features for their users.

So, let’s talk about the new WhatsApp privacy features for 2022 and whatsapp new update features how they will affect our digital lives. Another significant update this year was the ability to transfer chats between Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp New Feature:
WhatsApp New Feature:

Whatsapp, the popular messaging app, is adding new features for its users.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company, recently announced that 32 people will now be able to join group video calls on WhatsApp.

Additionally, 1024 people can be added to the WhatsApp group. Another feature has now been added to the app.

This is useful for everyone because many times while using WhatsApp, people say Dekho is online but not responding! You can now choose whether or not to appear ‘online’ on WhatsApp.

This feature has been added to the ‘Privacy’ section by the company. After enabling the feature, you can choose who should see your online status.

It can also be hidden from sight. Users could only hide Last Seen until now, but as soon as someone came online, other app users would know if they were tracking him. Online statuses can now be hidden as well.

Few simple steps to activate “Choose Who Can See You Online”

  1. You have to click on the three dots appearing on the top right side of the WhatsApp app.
  2. A window will open as soon as you click on the dots. At the bottom of this, click on Settings.
  3. By going to the settings, you have to go to the privacy option, which is present just below the profile and account.
  4. Here you have to click on Last seen and online.
  5. On clicking, the option of ‘Last Seen’ will appear. In this, you can choose between everyone, my contacts, my contacts except and nobody options for ‘Who can see my last seen’.
  6. ‘Who can see when I’m online’ will be written at the bottom. Here you can choose either ‘Everybody’ or ‘Same as Last Seen‘.
WhatsApp New Feature
WhatsApp New Feature

If you choose ‘Nobody’ in ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Same as Last Seen’ in ‘Who can see when I’m online,’ your online status will be hidden completely.

When you choose my contacts in ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Same as last seen’ in ‘Who can see when I’m online,’ only your saved contacts will be aware of your online status. Similarly, the remaining options can be chosen.

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3 New WhatsApp Privacy features 2022

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features for their users. And these three privacy feature combinations were highly anticipated for the year. It has finally arrived.

3 New WhatsApp Privacy features 2022

  • Online Presence: Control who can see you online
  • Silently exit a WhatsApp group.
  • Screenshot blocking inside WhatsApp

Let’s dive into all these features one by one.

1. Online Presence: Control who can see you online


This is definitely one of the best changes in recent years and will stop many breakups. Soon, WhatsApp will give you the option to select which contacts—or all of them—should be able to see that you’re “Online.”

The feature will undoubtedly increase our level of privacy and eliminate people’s uneasiness when their colleagues use WhatsApp and seem online while appearing to be busy.

For comparison, Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s main rivals, already offers this capability across all of its instant messaging services.

2. Silently exit a WhatsApp group

Silently exit a WhatsApp group.
Silently exit a WhatsApp group.

You might receive an invitation to a WhatsApp group at any time. Additionally, managing family groups is a task in and of itself.

But up to this point, it has been impossible to leave the ground without being seen and merely to be dragged back into the group.

However, a new WhatsApp feature will allow you to create a group invisibly. The group administrator would be informed, though. You still have a chance to receive an invitation to the family gathering.

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3. Screenshot blocking inside WhatsApp

Screenshot blocking inside WhatsApp
Screenshot blocking inside WhatsApp

When WhatsApp introduced the View Once feature, allowing users to send a photo or video as one-time view media, people were at ease.

After the user left the UI, the View Once media vanished and could not be sent.

But it is still possible to snap screenshots. That is why WhatsApp will soon add a feature to prohibit screenshots of previously viewed images and videos. The corporation hasn’t specified a release date for the functionality, though.

That concludes our discussion on the new WhatsApp privacy improvements introduced in 2022. As soon as these features become operational in the stable build, we’ll keep you informed and provide further details.

Bottom Liner

What you think about these 3 WhatsApp New Feature. Please comment which feature you like most and going to use in future. Stay connected with our blog for more news.

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