Wordle 450 Answer [date_month_year] : what’s the wordle today


Are you trying to solve Wordle 450 for today [date_month_year] but getting stuck in the middle? We’re here to keep your streaks intact, so don’t worry. We will offer tips and hints for today’s wordle game. What is today’s word puzzle? Tips for [date_month_year] wordle answers.

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What is wordle ?

Josh Wardle, a Welsh software programmer, conceived and developed the online word game Wordle, which The New York Times Company has owned and published since 2022. Players are given six chances to identify a five-letter word. For each guess, players receive feedback in the form of coloured tiles that show which letters match or are in the right place.

The Jotto board game from 1955 and the Lingo game show series’ gameplay are essentially identical. In game, there is only one daily solution, and everyone tries to guess the same word.

How Game in existence?

The game was initially developed by Wardle for him and his spouse to play before being released to the general public in October 2021. After Wardle added the option for players to replicate their daily results as emoji squares, which were extensively shared on Twitter, the game significantly increased in popularity in December 2021.

The game also saw the creation of numerous clones and variants, as well as translations into other languages. The New York Times Company acquired the game in January 2022 for an undisclosed seven-figure price with the intention of keeping it accessible to all players; in February 2022, it was transferred to the company’s website.

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Rules to play wordle game- nytimes

  • The goal of the game is for players to correctly guess a five-letter word within six trials.
  • Each letter is assigned a colour after each guess: green, yellow, or grey. Green denotes that the letter is correct and in the proper place; yellow, that it is in the answer but not in the proper place; and grey, that it is not in the answer at all.
  • Multiple occurrences of a letter in a guess, such as the “o”s in “robot,” will only be highlighted in green or yellow if the same letter also appears more than once in the solution; otherwise, repeated letters in excess will be highlighted in grey.
  • In order to play the game in “hard mode,” players must predict letters that are highlighted in green and yellow.
  • Everybody uses the same daily word.
  • For colorblind accessibility, the game also offers a dark theme and a high-contrast theme that switches the colour palette from green to orange and blue.


A proper 5-letter word must be used for each guess. Press the enter key to submit.

The colour of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the word. Don’t panic , if you didn’t get it. Let me explain you this easy game through example.

Wordle 450 Answer [date_month_year] : what's the wordle today

Wordle 416 hints for [date_month_year]

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How to Reset your wordle data?

wordle reset link

Games like Spelling Bee, and The Crossword temporarily manage your current puzzle progress using a browser storage feature called Local Storage.. Feel free to reset the game. It is easy to reset game at any times.

The progress you’ve made today will be deleted if you take this action. Restarting the puzzle for today is necessary. This action will also reset your progress on The Mini and the Spelling Bee for today if you are not logged into a New York Times account. Wordle reset your data link- https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/reset.html

Where do you play Wordle?

Game can be played on nytimes website. Click on the button above to play now.

How do I find Wordle?

To get game for Android, open the Chrome app and navigate to the website (NYTIMES.COM).
• Tap the three dots in the top-right corner to access the menu.
• To download the Wordle homepage, press the download icon (an arrow pointing down at a line).

What is the official Wordle website?

Only on Wordle’s official website, at nytimes.com, can you enjoy the word-guessing frenzy.

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