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Wordle Game is a simple 5 letter puzzle game invented by Josh Wardle, where you have to guess the right word in order to win the game, you can only guess one word in every 24 hours, everyday the word resets.

Wordle is a very simple yet a thrill game that people like to play from all around the world, its a free game available on The New York Times that you can play anytime.

Wordle Answer Today

How To Play Wordle Game

Wordle Answer Today: Wordle consists of 6 rows and 5 columns and you have a guess a 5 letter word and you get 6 chances to do so, their are no hints available about the word, now you might wonder that without any hint this word could be anything, and you are right!, that’s the uniqueness of the game.

In this game you start with entering a 5 letter word in the first column:

  • If the color of any one the one or more letter changes to grey that means that letter is not in the today’s word.
  • If the letter turns to yellow that means that letter is in the today’s word but right now it is at the wrong position.
  • If the letter turns green it means the letter is in the today’s word and it is at the right place.

Wordle was released in October 2021 and it is believed that today over 50 million people are playing this game everyday, so today this game is for sure a very famous game.

Streak In Wordle Game

Streak signifies how good or bad a Wordle player is, bigger the streak better the player and visa versa, a streak in Wordle game is like a snapchat streak, you snap everyday and your streak getter bigger, you miss a day and your streak goes to zero.’

Just like that the longer you keep winning the wordle game in a row the bigger your streak gets, one of the longest streak holders is Spencer Evans who had 83 unbroken wins in January 2022.

Who Can Play This Game?

If you are above the age of 6 than you can play this game, its a very interesting and enjoyable game, their are no restrictions for playing this game and you can play wordle game from anywhere in the this world for free.

Many celebrities like Jimmy Fallon from ,Richard Osman, Dan Walker also posted on social media about this game.

How Did The New York Times Started This Game

Initially this game was created by Josh Wardle a software engineer and a former employee of reddit, started his game in 2013 and he got a really good response from this friends and family about the game, so he decided to take the game public, and saw a lot of success.

That is when The New York Times came to Josh Wardle with an offer of seven figures to buy the game, and Josh Wardle agreed.

Their are lot of other game that The New York Times own like:

  • The Crossword.
  • The Mini Crossword.
  • Spelling Bee.
  • Tiles.
  • Letter Boxed.
  • Vertex.
  • Sudoku;

But wordle is the most famous and mostly played game of The New York Times as of 2022.

Will The New York Times Start Charging Money to Play Wordle?

No, The New York Times would never charge money in any kind, shape or form for playing wordle, it will always be a free game for every age group and every country.

so you don’t have to worry about investing in this game in order to play, you will always be allowed to play this game for free just like all the other games under New York Times.

Why Did Josh Wardle Sold Wordle Game

After inventing the Wordle game Josh Wardle took the game public and this game started becoming famous very quickly, initially it was a good news for Josh and his family but as the game’s popularity grew the sudden increase in the attention made him and his partner uncomfortable.

Their were lot of other clones of this game that other people were making and managing them also starting becoming harder.

So he and his partner decided to sell the game to New York Times and closed the deal in low seven figures.


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